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  1. Hey. I want to install mac os x snow leopard on my d630, but i dont have a computer ready to create the usb. i already have 10.5 running, but its to old to run myhack. So i tried to install legacy snow leopard, and create the usb from there. I downloaded iFail S3 version 2 os x 10.6.3 and installed that one. the installer booted correctly, but after reboot i got a kernel panic. immediately after the boot starts. How do i install lagacy os x on my d630? everything always kernel panics! thanks everybody, Domini99
  2. okay, i tried. i can get lagecy running, but then the edp method, kernel panics after install, no way to boot but whats the diference between lagecy-kernel installation and vanilla/retail installation? because lagecy is running,
  3. yes, i tried. but they dont boot after installation. the usb boots correctly, it installs correctly, i followed diffrent guides, but everytime i end up with the screen that sais installation succes, and press that restart button, and than it just goes kernel panic. not even a second after boot. when the boot starts, immidiatly kernel panic. it was the same panic as in the picture in the first post, so kexts were missing. if i was able to get them in os x after installation, my hackintosh will boot. isnt it? i am trying to get a hackintosh running coz i cant pay a mac. and windows sucks. im sorry for doing angry. im autistic.
  4. is there no body able to help me??? I install EDP to the usb, the usb boots, installs, boot after reboot OS X DOESNT BOOT! i cant install edp, i cant install kexts, os x doesnt boot! WHAT TO DO? HOW DO I INSTALL THOSE KEXTS IN MY OS X INSTALLATION TO LET OS X BOOT??? IM ALREADY WAITING TOO LONG!!
  5. Eeehmm... What i did: I started my laptop in windows xp, set up a virtual machine running iFail v7 in that virtual machine myhack didnt run, so i manually copied the kexts to the /system/liberary/extensions folder. restarted my laptop in chameleon, the usb booted succesfully, installed os x snow leopard (retail) After reboot i got that kernel panic, wich i immidiatly know kexts were missing, coz it was the same kernel panic. This afternoon im going to reinstall os x, but this time format hdd without journaling, so i can acces the drive is read/write in Linux boot cd, and add the kexts. I can boot os x using my chameleon startup usb, Afterwards i install windows 7 next to my os x installation, and add chameleon to its mbr with easybcd. Than it should work.
  6. Okay, i got a virtual machine setted up, installed os x on laptop, but after install it doesnt boot. I how do i add kexts when os x isnt booting?
  7. i do not have acces to a good hackintosh / mac right now. my already set up hackintosh is os x tiger 10.4.8, wich doesnt run the application. Can you also install EDP in Windows? If not is there a different way?
  8. Hey, i am pretty new to hackintosh, i succeeded an old asus model, but i want my dell latitude d630 to run os x too. My setup: Dell latitude d630. Intel core duo 2 ghz 2gb ram Gma965 / Intel 965 Express chipset family videocard I heard somewere the os x 10.6 retail should work. I installed eaaybcd on my windows7, surprisely that tool could add chameleon to my mbr. Using mactransfer i burned the retail dmg to my usb. When i start in chameleon, it asks my to boot of it, i press f8 and add -v I tried diffrent flaggs, but always get the same kernel panic! What am i doing wrong? Please help me
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