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    [Mini Guide] HighSierra Dell E5430

    Had very few issues installing HS 10.13.4 from scratch with newest clover etc.
  2. Yes they are both nvidia NVS 160M and the supported peny(?) cpu, and both use exactly the same setup, but the high resolution laptop freezes shortly after it loads the desktop.
  3. There are two versions of the E6500 and I have been able to successfully setup High Sierra on the lower resolution model which is an XGA panel, but when I try the same configuration on the UXGA panel which is higher resolution, the system freezes hard and has to be shutdown. After the system freezes and reboots it is also not able to reboot into High Sierra because some files seem to have gotten corrupted in the process. The processors and video should be compatible as far as I know, so there isn't anything I could see that would result in the freezing. Just curious if anyone has any ideas of what might be causing the system to freeze only in the UXGA based laptop and not the XGA based laptop? Would the possibly be any major differences outside of the display that would explain the problem?
  4. henweigh

    [Mini Guide] HighSierra Dell E5430

    I have been able to get this setup mostly working except for still going into sleep mode at startup and the mouse/trackpad and drag & drop. One thing that might help is installing the newest BIOS update.
  5. henweigh

    [Mini Guide] HighSierra Dell E5430

    Same laptop, same issue..