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  1. I'm noob on this... what can I do with this repository? I downloaded as zip, but... now? Where I must extract? Thanks for your fast answers ^^
  2. Hello! I installed edp with chameleon boot and now, when I start the laptop appear the attached error... Someone know how can I fix it? I can't find it on edp bootloader installation Thanks all.
  3. Solved! Thanks you for upload this model
  4. Okay! I'll contact with him.
  5. Thanks you so much. I'll test it today
  6. Hello guys! I installed OS X Yosemite on my Asus K55VD time ago (With the old EDP). Now I reinstalled it because I want to test something... The problem is that on new EDP doesn't exist this model, on the last version it exist (or similar as K55VM) Can someone share with me the old EDP please? Thanks you so much guys! Regards
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