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  1. I have tried several of the items in opencore post-install instructions to fix sleep. With no luck. Still trying to figure out sleep.
  2. You have a lot of patches to your framebuffer. Did you try to eliminate ALL unnecessary patches? In the end, I needed very few. When you plug in the hdmi screen and everything goes black, did you try to Remote Desktop into IORegistry Explorer? So my, limited knowledge advice is .... First, get rid of all unnecessary patches. All of em. If you don't need a patch for the built-in display. get rid of that too. Second, reboot, check IOReg - save it. Third, plug in hdmi monitor and check remote desktop IOReg. Save it. Fourth, compare the two IORegs against each other. Look carefully for index, busid, etc.
  3. Here it is. Im not sure it helps. It crashed on wake, but I never tried to wake it. It started to sleep, waked itself instantly, crashed, then restarted. Sleep Wake failure in EFI.pdf.zip
  4. I probably shouldn't be giving a lot of advice here ........ But you say that when you plugged in the external hdmi the built-in screen went black. I had the opposite problem. Before I patched the framebuffer the built-in screen was black. When I plugged in the external hdmi display the built-screen turned on (pink) but the external screen stayed black. (???) Most likely your busid's and/or index's are mixed up. My fix was in the Framebuffer patching. After that I fixed the pink screen. There are several guides on how to do this and some good advice in the 7480 thread. FYI - Hackintool didn't help me much. I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FIX IS - but If I was betting on what the fix is: con:0 is DP con:1 is built-in (hdmi) con:2 external hdmi. After choosing the correct framebuffer and vram patches ..... the 7480 framebuffer patch is: con0 works as display port (no patch) con1 busid:02000000 type:00080000 enable:01000000 con2 busid:04000000 type:00080000 enable:01000000 After you figure out the framebuffer patching, then fix the pink screen, if indeed it is still necessary.
  5. I thought I'd post my EFI folder. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1etOA3P7vdrlxWLn4PpEBvkapLyE-zn3c/view?usp=sharing Biggest issue: Sleep crashes. I's love some suggestions on fixing this.
  6. Not exactly Phi Beta Kappa ...... but pink screen fixed with override via "one-key-hidpi" script. Not sure why my attempt at an override failed. Working: Graphics - fully working Built-in display w/framebuffer patch & with edid override via one-key-hidpi External hdmi w/framebuffer patch Display port working without any patch USB Mic, Internal speakers Ethernet, Original Intel wifi and bt Card Reader - (but not hot plugging) Not working yet: sleep - crashes shortly after sleeping headphones built-in camera - though it shows up in usb and FaceTime (black screen) pic below. touchscreen Not sure: hdmi sound
  7. Unfortunately, no luck. I'm going to give it a rest for a week or so and revisit it with a fresh perspective. Thanks for all the help.
  8. I'm still kinda stuck here. Any other ideas before I just give this a rest awhile?
  9. Thank you again. Unfortunately, I tried it. It didn't work. With no external displays connected: The built-in display did not work. With external hdmi plugged in: External display did NOT work. Built-in display turned on - pink. Hot unplugging external display resulted in built-in screen remaining pink. Im not sure if it helps but, I've included IOReg & Hackintool screenshot from each change. Optiplex7480_2.zip
  10. So far, it's the only combination of patches that enables the built-in screen (even though it's purple) What's next? If the built-in display is not showing up as AppleBacklightDisplay .... could the problem be elsewhere?
  11. With patches for busid, index & type - ApplyDisplay shows up - no AppleBacklightDisplay. With no patches, nothing shows up. (screenshots via Remote Desktop)
  12. Yes it is the built-in. I left the external hdmi display disconnected.
  13. I looked fro some time ..... this is the best I could do. Im pretty sure it's lvds. On the Dell service web site I found the motherboards for my 7480 and the previous 7470. They look very similar. On the 7470 they call the display "lvds cable" On the 7480 it's generically called "display cable" The pictures look VERY similar. However, I don't know for sure. Maybe someone else can tell.
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