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  1. It works now! I did actually add it, but I guess I didn't save it. It's just been like that today. I'm posting a new oc folder w/o my serial number. Maybe we could delete the others. Thank you so much!! Working 3740 oc folder for Big Sur. 3470.zip
  2. Sorry, I added the RTL8111.kext earlier. Somehow I sent the wrong oc file. Regenerated IOREG. Resending .....
  3. Here you are. I've only made minimum changes to your e7470 EFI. Thanks!
  4. I've been able to get Big Sur with opencore running with a modified version of your e7470 efi folder. I cant get the RealtekRTL8111.kext working and suspect that its because of the e7470 SSDT's. I've changed the config.plist to load the correct kexts. Could I get some help with the SSDT's?
  5. I've got Catalina to boot, but several issues occurred. I thought I'd start over with the latest updated bios (1.16.0) and new ACPI. Could you help with patching? Thanks!! origin.zip
  6. marliwahoo

    E5520 Mojave

    I'm using the hd3000 drivers from High Sierra and Mojave is working ok (in dark mode) with sound & ethernet working. If you have a minute, I was hoping to get a patched DSDT, I've always had trouble with patching it myself. Thanks again for all the support this site provides!
  7. marliwahoo

    E5520 Mojave

    I've been given a e5520 i3 HD3000 (low resolution) to set up OSX. I've got Mojave running, but its not stable. Could you patch the DSDT and help with a config.plist? Thanks! Update 4/14/19: 10.14.4 working. Attached (low resolution) pack. E5520.zip origin.zip config_HD3000_1366x768.plist.zip
  8. I have another latitude 3470 with bios 1.10.1. Could you patch these? Thanks! origin.zip
  9. I'm SO happy. I finally solved my video problems. iTunes trailers and some video in safari were not working. I tried IntelgraphicsFixup.kext by Ivs1974 and it's now fixed!! YES! New 10.13.3 bootpack in first post. https://github.com/lvs1974
  10. Update: I've finally have trackpad working with the Voodoo kext. See bootpack in first post. Graphics work well except: Video freezes after sleep & on itunes trailers. Safari videos freeze on about half of websites. Chrome works well. I've tried Intelgraphicsfixup, shiki, lilu with no luck. Any suggestions?
  11. No need. I just started over with your boot pack. All seems fine now. Thanks!
  12. I have the A15 BIOS. With the bootpack you suggested I get a crash on boot.
  13. I'm not feeling to smart right now. I lost my ACPI tables when I reformatted. Could you help with these? E5450 SMBIOS Air 7.1. Thanks origin.zip
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