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  1. sorry for late reply, well, i remember at one time my brightness key is working accordingly, i not sure when, but i do remember clearly, yup, i did install the fix audio, it doesn't work after sleep, small matter actually, what I suspect is that I having a different audio chip? I also working on dual boot Windows 7, but that is another topic, i try to work on reinstall may try my own dsdt based on pokenguyen guide never did try the bluetooth yet, but i plan to try to use FakePCIID thing, not sure how it works yet, try to research on this
  2. thank you, the brightness key works, can you tell, if I could remap this please? i will try out the bluetooth soon, thanks by the way, i did try audio after sleep, which is not working, just to let you know, thanks
  3. Jake, you are awesome, also many thanks all that commented on this thread, really a leap forward, now i manage to boot it to update, i am on 10.10.5 1. touch screen back to working 2. no bluetooth, my card is DW1550 3. i am using WifiInjector.kext, not sure what it does, but wifi is working 4. i can't control brightness, I remember at one time it was work, i suspect it is the VoodooPS2Controller.kext 5. not sure why, there is not sound output, there is volume control thought, i not sure if this is hardware issue 6. there is battery percentage as well edit: sound apparently is apparently working after second time reboot do you need to install VoodooPS2Controller.kext or put in Clover 10.10 folder? many thanks
  4. did manage to almost fix the graphics using FakePCCID, but there is menu glitches, did the 9mb frame buffer thing, but it is not working i don't have dsdt patching this laptop only have 3 usb3, usb3 not working though touch screen not working anymore, strange attached is the clover.zip any advices? thanks EFI.zip
  5. thanks. my update in post 1, in summary, i manage to install Clover r3253 please note i didn't patch dsdt, i manage to boot, i copied the config.plist from the USB i create to the /Volumes/EFI these are the things, I still need some advice 1. slow mouse, but two finger scrolling works, by press 1 finger and scroll 1 finger 2. USB 3.0 no longer works 3. touch screen no longer works 4. I remember at one time I did saw the battery status, not sure what I did that time 5. how do I fix the QE/CI on this please? 6. how do I find out whatelse is not working? may be like sd card, audio, video output, ethernet 7. how do I check if the CPU is working fine? DW1550 wifi is working Really appreciate some hints/guide on this. Thanks.
  6. Hi Lackey, My partition is like this: /dev/disk0 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *256.1 GB disk0 1: EFI EFI 209.7 MB disk0s1 2: Apple_HFS Macintosh HD 255.2 GB disk0s2 3: Apple_Boot Recovery HD 650.0 MB disk0s3 Attached is my EFI partition EFI.zip
  7. did this, not sure why it not working will do when i get back interesting, my EFI is /EFI after i mount it, should I zip those instead?
  8. i might finally crack this to update: /Extra/SSDT.aml was due to I didn't run SSDT generator I manage to mount the hidden EFI partition Using Clover r3253 , I did install in on the Macintosh HD (OSX installation), then copy the clover to EFI. But now, my clover can't see the OSX installation, properly some selection I didn't select during the installation
  9. I will try again, not sure what I did, I can't seem to login after booting Edit: Seems I didn't notice I am missing /Extra/SSDT.aml I am not sure how to solve this
  10. Manage to reinstall, still unable to install clover on the hard disk. Replace Dell DW1550, works out of the box. Do I need to create a separate EFI partition before install OS X 10.10.4? Thanks.
  11. Please read update below: Thanks for this E7440 guide, need some help here. My model is E7240 though with i5-4210u, 16gb RAM, Intel HD4400 graphics, Full HD touch screen, 256gb Samsung SSD, DW1550 Target is OS X 10.10.4 I manage to installed OSX up to before the step to run kextwizard, manage to install clover as well, but once i rebooted, i type the password it stuck. I think I also installed the Azul framebuffer from the pack in got from the Chameleon guide, not sure what when wrong, I originally follow the Chameleon guide, let put this aside So a few questions, I am going to try again, to reinstall, for simpler mode, I am going to have wipe again the disk and reinstall, do I need to partition the disk like 0.3gb for EFI and rest is OSX journaled file system? Let me know what could I missed. What I notice after the post installation, before install CLOVER to EFI: 1. touch screen works 2. mouse pretty slow 3. i can use usb wireless 4. there is no Ethernet 5. I don't think there is an recovery hd created as well Appreciate any input on this. Thanks. 13 Aug 2015 update: Manage to install Clover r3253 by selecting UEFI Install HFSPlus driver using clover configurator Add few kexts (downloaded from Jake Lo guide, post#4) if not mouse and keyboard not working after boot AppleIntelE1000e.kext FakeSMC.kext VoodooPS2Controller.kext I didn't do any patched dsdt in patched I notice: 1. touch screen not working 2. mouse is pretty slow, no multi finger scroll 3. usb 3.0 ports not working anymore lol Thanks, will keep working on this
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