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  1. sorry for late reply, well, i remember at one time my brightness key is working accordingly, i not sure when, but i do remember clearly, yup, i did install the fix audio, it doesn't work after sleep, small matter actually, what I suspect is that I having a different audio chip? I also working on dual boot Windows 7, but that is another topic, i try to work on reinstall may try my own dsdt based on pokenguyen guide never did try the bluetooth yet, but i plan to try to use FakePCIID thing, not sure how it works yet, try to research on this
  2. thank you, the brightness key works, can you tell, if I could remap this please? i will try out the bluetooth soon, thanks by the way, i did try audio after sleep, which is not working, just to let you know, thanks
  3. Jake, you are awesome, also many thanks all that commented on this thread, really a leap forward, now i manage to boot it to update, i am on 10.10.5 1. touch screen back to working 2. no bluetooth, my card is DW1550 3. i am using WifiInjector.kext, not sure what it does, but wifi is working 4. i can't control brightness, I remember at one time it was work, i suspect it is the VoodooPS2Controller.kext 5. not sure why, there is not sound output, there is volume control thought, i not sure if this is hardware issue 6. there is battery percentage as well edit: sound apparentl
  4. did manage to almost fix the graphics using FakePCCID, but there is menu glitches, did the 9mb frame buffer thing, but it is not working i don't have dsdt patching this laptop only have 3 usb3, usb3 not working though touch screen not working anymore, strange attached is the clover.zip any advices? thanks EFI.zip
  5. thanks. my update in post 1, in summary, i manage to install Clover r3253 please note i didn't patch dsdt, i manage to boot, i copied the config.plist from the USB i create to the /Volumes/EFI these are the things, I still need some advice 1. slow mouse, but two finger scrolling works, by press 1 finger and scroll 1 finger 2. USB 3.0 no longer works 3. touch screen no longer works 4. I remember at one time I did saw the battery status, not sure what I did that time 5. how do I fix the QE/CI on this please? 6. how do I find out whatelse is not working? may be like sd card, audio, video out
  6. Hi Lackey, My partition is like this: /dev/disk0 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: GUID_partition_scheme *256.1 GB disk0 1: EFI EFI 209.7 MB disk0s1 2: Apple_HFS Macintosh HD 255.2 GB disk0s2 3: Apple_Boot Recovery HD 650.0 MB disk0s3 Attached is my EFI partition EFI.zip
  7. did this, not sure why it not working will do when i get back interesting, my EFI is /EFI after i mount it, should I zip those instead?
  8. i might finally crack this to update: /Extra/SSDT.aml was due to I didn't run SSDT generator I manage to mount the hidden EFI partition Using Clover r3253 , I did install in on the Macintosh HD (OSX installation), then copy the clover to EFI. But now, my clover can't see the OSX installation, properly some selection I didn't select during the installation
  9. I will try again, not sure what I did, I can't seem to login after booting Edit: Seems I didn't notice I am missing /Extra/SSDT.aml I am not sure how to solve this
  10. Manage to reinstall, still unable to install clover on the hard disk. Replace Dell DW1550, works out of the box. Do I need to create a separate EFI partition before install OS X 10.10.4? Thanks.
  11. Please read update below: Thanks for this E7440 guide, need some help here. My model is E7240 though with i5-4210u, 16gb RAM, Intel HD4400 graphics, Full HD touch screen, 256gb Samsung SSD, DW1550 Target is OS X 10.10.4 I manage to installed OSX up to before the step to run kextwizard, manage to install clover as well, but once i rebooted, i type the password it stuck. I think I also installed the Azul framebuffer from the pack in got from the Chameleon guide, not sure what when wrong, I originally follow the Chameleon guide, let put this aside So a few questions, I am going to try a
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