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    Kext for E6500

    I am currently testing this same Lion E6500. I installed with boootpack site but the sound is not recognized? Would you kext please?
  2. TheBenjy

    Kext for E6500

    Ok, thank you to every 2 being a beginner, can you give me the procedure to follow please?
  3. TheBenjy

    Kext for E6500

    Here is a screenshot of the bios ...
  4. TheBenjy

    Kext for E6500

    Well, that is filled ... On Windows, it is recognized as "Mobile Intel 4 Series Express". Thank you in advance. 1.tiff 2.tiff
  5. TheBenjy

    Kext for E6500

    Hello and congratulations for your work! From my side, I installed on ML on a Dell Latitude E6500. I change the wireless card with a comptatible Mac OS X. For cons, I have a problem with the graphics card, I do not find her kext ... This is a Intel Mobile 4 Express series? Can you help me please?
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