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  1. All, Has anyone tried using a Cardbus Firewire card in a D620? Any issues? Thanks!
  2. To any and all, If someone is capable or interested in adding support, I would ship you a docking station that can accept a PCI card for Dell. The dock can be used on most recent Dells (Centrino to Core-2 for certain). Thank you!
  3. Honestly, it would probably depend on the video CODEC. My Pentium-M 1.6 GHz could decode an ATSC (MPEG-2) 1080i or 720p video stream. But most 1080p video is in H.264 and that requires either a really fast CPU with multiple cores, or a graphics card with video decode capability. The newer nVidia and ATI cards have this feature, as do the newest Intel graphics...
  4. Hi, I'm not sure what you mean. The D620 is a laptop and only has a miniPCIe slot internally. I am using a Dell docking station which has a 32-bit, 33-MHz PCI slot. With the D620 "docked" OSX will boot fine, but it does not recognise or see the PCI slot in the dock. If I boot WinXP, that sees the PCI card in the dock's PCI slot. I can use Linux to dump the PCI IDs if that will help someone -- I suspect the dock is using a PCI-to-PCI bridge to support its PCI slot. Thank you!
  5. I can't speak to what OSX will do when you swap CPUs, but I can confirm for you that replacing the Core Duo with Core 2 Duo will work fine.
  6. I apologize for accidentally posting this in the "other" thread... Hi all, First thanks for all the amazing work. Is there anyone working on getting the PCI slot in Dell docking station to show? My hardware is a D620 laptop. Thank you again!
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