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  1. I have just noticed it went to sleep but came back out very quickly (which it didn't before - having used a _PRW fix Jake had posted about) the battery indicator is back with an X, though when I plug in the power adapter it shows the % and even when removing it the % remains and shows on battery again. What is odd is the screen is dimmer on mains power than on battery... opposite to the way it was previously. -Steve
  2. Not that I am aware of... think I will start again from the original DSDT and see how it goes... Cheers -Steve
  3. Jake, Thank you... had missed the running of the script Still no audio though? Much appreciated -Steve
  4. Since switching from MBA5,2 to MBP9,2 the battery indicator states No Battery Available / Power Source : Power Adapter. It sporadically shows the battery and % then back to the battery with a X through. Also no longer have audio? I am guessing I have lost something config wise along the way :-# Cheers -Steve
  5. Bronxteck, Awesome many thanks, all compiled and working. I created a Clover kext search/replace in clover configurator for MBA5,2 to MBP9,2 - AirPortBrcm4360 kext and seems to be working just fine Moving to MBP9,2 makes things feel snappier - but could just be a placebo affect. Thank you once again all, Herve, Jake and Bronxteck. -Steve
  6. Having followed the pairing of section delimiters "{ & }" it looks to me as if I may have one to many } closing at the end of the method which shouldn't be there, as it is defining an end to section which should end further down? DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) } } <- As in With this error 6126 is gone but replaced by: 4065, 6062, Initializer list longer than declared package length 4098, 6084, Object does not exist (DTGP)
  7. Morning and thank you very much Jake & Herve for the suggestions and patch, it gets a whole lot further now... If I switch to 4.0 I get many more errors. Just one error on 5.0A or 5.1 : 4755, 6126, syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_SCOPE, expecting $end and premature End-Of-File Line 4755 is: Scope (\) If I remove the method patch it will compile fine with just warnings. I have attached the section for the wifi card with the method patch installed just incase I have missed something. Thanks again -Steve RP05_MaciASL.rtf
  8. Herve, Thank you so much, makes much more sense now, pictures speak a thousand words. My card was at the same device location which aided things Now so having made the edits I hit compile and get a lot of compile issues Saved the editied dsl, and reloaded the original disassembled dsl and get the same. Even loading the .aml gets the same? Version of MaciASL is 1.4 and set ACPI specification to v5.0A thanks again -Steve
  9. Thank you again Herve, I have decompiled the dsdt.aml and imported the .dsl into MaciASL but don't see where I paste the patch...the guides I see mention downloading a patch from a source repo... The binary editing is no issue as I have been doing this since having a BBC Micro and writing 6502 assembler, yes many many years ago, Am I barking up the wrong tree in thinking it is possible to "just" edit the info.plist in the kext within System/Library/Extensions/IO80211Family.kext Contents/Plugins/AirportBrcm4360.kext Contents/Info.plist And add a new entry under key IONameMatch for <string> pci14e4,43b1 </string> Thanks -Steve
  10. Many thanks Herve and Jake, Which is the "better way" or are both equal but different ways of achieving the same? Sorry to ask another daft question but what am I gaining by running as a MBP 9,2? Cheers -Steve
  11. Herve, Thanks, will have a read but still a little confused as I have never done this before (sorry rather a noob on this) - do I need to perform both DSDT editing (am I changing what is already there for the wireless card or adding something new) and the binary patching of the BCM4360 kext? My 6230 is configured as a MacBookAir5,2 SMBIOS as I have a DW1520 at present. It definitely has Dell DW1550 on the label and is a half mini PCI-E, the 1560 is listed as having a different interface NGFF M.2 - so possibly a variant. Cheers -Steve
  12. Hope someone can help me... Have updated my WiFi AP and now supports 802.11ac so picked up a Dell DW1550 which another site states as requiring injection, though having read the article several times I cannot quite fathom what exactly I need to do to get the ID injected...via Clover, not sure if I need install or edit a driver or modify a config file? I have checked with DCPIManager and the ID's match what is detailed: Supported Device_IDs (injection required) 43b1 - BCM94352 HMB/AzureWave AW-CE123H, 2.4/5 GHz, ac+abgn, 2 stream, 867 Mbs + BT4LE Very much appreciated. -Steve
  13. Jake, Thank you - is configured as MBA5,2 so fingers crossed. Booted without cache and logo was steady as a rock, booted normally straight after and remains scrambled... Also seems to have stopped sleeping which I am pretty sure it did do on first building. Cheers -Steve
  14. Thank you. Have ordered a DW 1520 which from what I can tell is = 4353- BCM943224 HMS - 2.4/5, GHz abgn, 2 stream, 150/300 Mbs Ran the perms and cache again and was successful, though logo is still scrambled - anything I can check to ensure the patch is applied? all the best -Steve
  15. Jake, Much appreciated: DW1540 = 14E4, 4359, 1028, 0014, Broadcom Corporation, BCM43228 802.11a/b/g/n
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