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  1. Ok, so I had a fully working Dell Latitude D830 dual booted with Windows 10. After awhile Windows 10 became really slow and I wanted to go back to 7 which seem to run really well on this laptop. I booted from my Windows 7 install USB and installed Windows 7 over Windows 10 and it would just put a folder on my C drive with all my files. After the install had fully completed, I rebooted just to be sure nothing was wrong with the Hackintosh portiton of the laptop. To my dissapointment, the bootloader is gone and I have no option to boot into OS X. Instead, I just go right into Windows 7 without any prompt. My specs can be listed below. Any other questions just ask me.
  2. iTech

    WiFi Problem

    Hello. I have a D830 that is currently running Mavericks and everything works fine except WiFi (It has an Intel WiFI card). Can someone please prvide me with a model number for a WiFi card that will work? Will an Apple mini PCI-E card work. (Like this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/for-Apple-Mac-Book-Pro-Extreme-Wireless-N-WIFI-Airport-Card-BCM94322MC-MB988Z-A-/300751078815?hash=item460629459f:g:dggAAOSwnDZT2Inx)
  3. Still getting the same KP. What folders should FakeSMC be in?
  4. It's a T8100. I will try the USB later. I'm currently experiencing power outages. I thought it was odd too. I can't seem to find anyhting online about a T8100 model. Maybe whoever owned this laptop before me upgraded it? I have cracked it open and everything seems to be stock. Very interesting.
  5. Ok. I made a new usb using MyHack and installed the new exta to the USB, but now I get this KP. Even when booting with -x.
  6. I checked the BIOS settings but that didn't seem to change much. Also, Isn't there already a bootpack posted? Or is that broken because I did notice that there was no "10.9" folder. Thanks for your help, btw.
  7. Sorry for late reply. I've been busy lately. Ok. I installed the "Extra" folder from the bootpack on the compatibility list and now it goes to a black screen (booting with -v GraphicsEnabler=No). I did notice that before it went to the black screen I saw a couple lines something along the lines of "found unsupported chip." UPDATE (5 mins later): I tried booting without graphicsenabler and just -v and got the following kernal panic: I also tried graphicsenabler=yes and that took me back to the black screen. UPDATE #2 (15 minutes later): I was able to use -x to boot into OS X to install EDP and some other stuff like kext wizard, etc. Now when i try to boot with just -v I get the Missing bluetooth controller transport. I flipped the BT/WiFi switch on the side of the laptop off and back on again and it "connected to the transport successfully." After that, nothing more seems to happen. However, I do occasionally see the hard drive led blink one or twice every minute give or take. I think I will try graphicsenabler=no next. I will update this post once again after I try that. UPDATE #3 (5 mins later): Tried GE=no and still getting stuck at bluetooth. I'll wait for your input before doing anything else FYI, I have the Quadro NVS 135m 128mb version.
  8. Is it the book pack that is DLable from the compatibility list? Also, how do i install the DSDT if I can't get into OS X?
  9. First of all, here are the specs of the D830: -Dual booted Mavericks and Windows 10. -Core 2 Duo @ 2.1ghz -3gb of RAM. 2gb under keyboard, 1gb on bottom of LT. -Quadro NVS 135m with 128mb of VRAM -500gb HGST HD. 160gb parted for OS X. The issue that I run into is that when botting the laptop with -v GraphicsEnabler=No, it locks up. Here are the last few lines. I've also attatched a screenshot. SuperIODevice : [Fatal] found unsupported ship ID=0x3201 SuperIODevice : [Fatal] found unsupported ship ID=0x3201 **** [iOBluetoothHCIController][searchForTransPortEventTimeOutHandler] -- Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport! Resetting IOCatalogue [END] I created the USB with a app store copy of mavericks using MyHack Chemeleon. I've done the method where you remove the Intel HD graphics kexts but that dosen't seem to change anything. I suspect the NVidia Quadro NVS 135m is at fault. Also notice the "found unsupported ship" message. Thank you for trying to help.
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