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  1. I don't know if this is necessary anymore. i think i was able to get the correct data entries for all the Ports I had to fix the data entries for the EH02 entries, as they were nearly all the same. Now after i restarted the Laptop, i have the WWAN Entry + a symbol in my TaskBar which sais "No Sim". Only the Network preferences are missing. I think i am on a good way ^^ Edit1: i accidently turned the simcard the wrongway into the slot. now the simcard is recognized correctly, and i also have 3 entries in my Network. DSDT.aml.zip
  2. Hey Hervé, i hope you can help me. I think i got abit more forward, but it does not work correctly, so what I did: 1. i checked my DSDT file, i found out that i have EH01 and EH02. EH01 has 8 Ports, PRT0 - PRT7. EH02 has 6 Ports, PRT8 - PRTC. I checked IOReg and found this: The WWAN Card is located in PRT3 2. then i grabed a USB Injector Kext from Rehab from this month. I opened the info.plist and searched for the EH01 and EH02. I found them, but the entries were not correct. the ports were called PR11, PR12, and so on. I changed them to PTR0 - PTR7 and PTR8 - PTRC like it was visible on my DSDT. i also changed the "integer" values of each of the prts according to the entry of the DSDT file. Device (PRT0) { Name (_ADR, One) Name (_UPC, Package(0x04) { 0xFF, Zero, Zero, Zero }) ..... i used the second line of _UPC in this example as the integer entry. when 0xFF was written, i used 255 (obvious ^^) and if it was Zero i used 0. (i colled the value i used in green in the code. What i am very unsure about, is the following entry in the info.plist of the Injector: <data> BQAAAA== </data> my current Info.plist part about EH01 and EH02 looks like this right now. after i was done with this, i installed the USBInjector kext file to the S/L/E, fixed the permissions, rebuild the cache and restarted. after that i had seen the following: But i was not able to connect to t-mobile (i live in germany) so i was checking abit arround in my system infos and so on, and noticed that my WWAN Entry was empty. So i checked the CellPhoneHelper.kext and noticed that i did not copied the correct patched file to S/L/E. I did that, fixed the permissions, rebuilded the cache and restarted the Laptop. Now, the Card shows up in the System Info again, like this But now the Entry on the NetworkPreferences is gone again in the IOReg it looks now like this: But now after i did all these modifications, it tells me the WWAN Card is on PRT0 o.o I am not an expert to Hackintoshing in this level, i am kinda new. If you have an idea what i did wrong, i would highly appreciate it. because i do not know how to go further Kind regards Tepoo
  3. Thank you for your help, I will check with some other people today if the DSDT which i am Using is probably blocking something. Let's cross the fingers that it works. ^^ Anway, awesome guide, thank you very much
  4. Hello Everyone, a week ago, i got my T420 Lenovo and setup the system with a nice guide. appart from that, i wanted to make my F5521gw running on that system, as i have seen that it runs OOB on 10.11.2. Unfortunately, i have some Problems. i used this guide: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/6556-using-ericsson-f5521gw-hp-hs2340-hspa-dell-dw5550-in-os-x/ i edited the CellPhoneHelper.kext file, like described (there is a typo btw in the Guide, it should be 0XBDB not 0XDBD) and installed it to S/L/E and fixed the permissions and rebuilded the cache. the Card is showing up as a WWAN, with some small information (like 5-6 Lines, i can post a screenshot this evening) but i do not get the options in the Network Preferences on the +. Does anyone has an idea what is going wrong? The WWAN Option is enabled in the Bios, under Windows, the card gets fully recognized, and also in the System Info from Mac i see it as a WWAN and under USB. But i don't see something on the DCPIManager, which is kinda weird. Kind regards Tepoo
  5. the current kext i have active is an AppleIntelE1000.kext from a All In One Package Script. hmm, so my mac address is broken that sucks hard....i will check if i can find a guide for fixing this. cross the fingers :/ thanks for the tip. Kind regards Tepoo Edit: so i remembered that i spoofed my macaddress some years ago on windows and it worked quiet well. i did the same now on yosemite sudo ifconfig en1 ether 00:e2:e3:e4:e5:e6 and it works Thanks Hervé
  6. Hey Hervé, the DPCIManager shows me the following and on the PCI List i see 82562V-2 10/100 Network Connection the mac address only shows ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff :/
  7. Hello Everyone, as i have seen that Hervé was working on a Dell Vostro 200. I also made this nice little Machine now working with Yosemite 10.10.5 (with a Geforce 8600 GT 512mb and 4gb ram) It looks pretty smooth and also the performance is quiet nice. But i can't get Ethernet working I Always just see "Ethernet" and not "Ethernet(en0)" and when i use this, i only get "Self-Assigned IP". I tried a couple of ethernet kext files now. even the ones mentioned in Hervés thread. but none of them are working If someone knows whats the issue, i would appreciate any help ^^ Kind regards Tepoo
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