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  1. Sorry Herve, I thought dell was the correct area. My eyesight is really bad.I thought it could be moved to the correct area if I screwed up. I still love you.
  2. This is a minor problem but it makes me think the sound settings are not correct and gives me a chance to share my results. I have dell e7450 (non-touch) A20 bios. Uefi boot only. Mojave 10.14.3 & clover on msata in sata slot with adapter.(thank you Jake lo) Windows 10 on mini m.2 NVME in WWAN slot.(when I tried clover and windows on msata I lost dell win10 activation) note: WWAN NVME is not bootable without clover on sata or usb. Everything seems to work perfectly except the intel wifi I plan to change.I am using usb wifi now. Sound is good, voice memo seems ok. My problem is Siri doesn't understand anything I say. I went through apple trouble shooting for Siri and everything is set correctly.
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