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  1. Dear friends! Dont worry, I have a perfect solution for your problem! You could just get a Coreboot open source BIOS (which supports Lenovo G505S) and flash it to your laptop! More information, how to get this wonderful BIOS and flash it, could be found here: https://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Thread-REQUEST-Lenovo-G505s-bios-unlock-advance-options?pid=100299#pid100299 Because it is open source, you can modify the source as much as you want, everything is unlocked, and there are no WiFi whitelists or other stupid restrictions! BTW Atheros WiFi cards, such as AR9462 or AR9485, would have been much better than Broadcom. These Atheros cards work very good, cost cheap, very stable WiFi, and they work perfectly under Linux without needing any proprietary firmware drivers P.S. You will need to spend some money on a flashing hardware, could get for under $10 from China...
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