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  1. I'm running Yosemite (10.10.5) on a Optiplex 745 and I can't get the audio to work. I have tried everything to get the audio to work. And I cant find a kext for my graphics card, a GeForce 6200. It's an old one that I pulled from an old computer. I would rather not have to buy a new graphics card. I did find a nvenabler kext but I don't know if its ok for Yosemite. I also found a NVenabler64 kext but I don't know if its ok for Yosemite.
  2. YES! Thanks Herve! The only thing that isn't working is Audio and graphics, but I need to get a graphics card first. But audio is for another post...
  3. I found this but I don't have the ethernet choice in the system settings network. EDIT: I just got the ethernet to work. But its en1 not en0. My WIFI dongle is using en0. Should I remove the WIFI doungle?
  4. I'm using WIFI. But how do I check if ethernet is EN0 and wifi in EN1? Also I was never able to get my ethernet.
  5. I have tried to change the serial number in the symbios to a valid serial number, I have tried this method. And none of them work. When I attempt to sign in to the appstore it gives me the error, "Your device or computer could not be verified" I can't fix it, I have tried everything I could find on the internet. Please help I'm using Yosemite btw.
  6. Ok thanks for that information Herve, I was just wondering if you could give me the link for the generic extra the MyHack uses, I don't want to create a new install disk just to get the extra folder off of it. What kind of storage on the graphics card should I get, 512mb? Thanks anyway! EDIT: One other thing, will a PCIe x16 graphics card work in the system? AKA, Does it have a PCIe x16 'slot'?
  7. I need a boot pack for a DELL Optiplex 745 for Yosemite. I have heard that its possible to install Yosemite on a Optiplex 745. I know that I will possibly need a graphics card, but I want to get it to work before I spend my money on a graphics card. Specs: Intel Core2Duo E6400 @ 2.13GHz 3GB RAM I know its not a lot, but that's all I could find in the BIOS, I couldn't find what intergrated video I had. Please help me with this! Another thing is that when I attempt to boot the screen sits there like I never pressed enter to accept the option to boot from the USB. I don't know if that issue I just wrote is due to an incorrect boot pack. I have had success installing Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks on the desktop. The OS that it is currently running is OS X Mavericks.
  8. OK thanks Herve, I know about the graphics Card I just wanted to see if it would work without 3D acceleration before I spend more than $30 on a graphics card. But hey if it doesn't work I could install windows 7 and play games that need a little video power. I know its only 512mb (well the one Im looking at) but hey I'll be sad if it doesn't work but hopefully it will work. I guess I'll get some extra money by creating this site my dad wants me to make, I'm in high school so I don't have a every day job ( Yet, I have an interview next week ) but I'll by it anyway. [EDIT] In the first page the creator of the guide says that you have to replace the graphics card with a NVIDIA Quadro FX 770M, well thats the one that he uses for this guide and that all the extra is set to. But thanks for the info
  9. Ok so it doesn't work. I tried the MBP5,1 MBP5,4 and the MBP5,5. The same thing happends. D; Extra.zip
  10. I just need to know what version of mac will work on a HP EliteBook 8530p.
  11. Ok that parameter for the 2 finger scrolling is checked, I found out that I can use one finger for scrolling but I have to rotate my finger on the pad, also when I try to use the 2 finger scrolling with two fingers my found doesn't move.
  12. The PS2 Controller Im using is the kext that came with the extra bootpack, If I install any other PS2 Controller the mouse is sluggish or REALLY fast, and I can check if that parameter is enabled in the trackpad.
  13. When I try Clover its just a blinking cursor, I'll just settle with Mavericks for now.
  14. Oh ok i didn't know that, but what about the mouse pad scroll?
  15. I have a Dell Latitude D830 Nivida and the brightness FN keys don't work, I have tried to do the fix for them in the EDP. The 2 finger touch pad scrolling doesn't work either.
  16. Ok but do I use Enoch? Or should I try Chameleon, and if I do use Chameleon or Clover how would I uninstall Enoch without having to create the install again?
  17. Sorry its been so long, but do I use Enoch, because that's what I'm using right now, I'm using Version Enoch 2795. EDIT Im also supposed to boot off the USB drive and choose the partition of what I made when I partitioned the hard drive during the installer right? Also when I try to use Enoch the same thing happends
  18. ok Its already there. in the Flashdrive its already there. When I try to boot without the USB Installer to the hard drive its just a blinking cursor
  19. On the USB? Yes I do have one there. [EDIT] Or do you mean a folder in Kernels named kernel? The laptop has Nivida Graphics.
  20. OK well it finished installing. but then it froze, so then I used, "kext-dev-mode=1 -v" for boot flags and now it frezzes on THIS. there were no problems during the install
  21. I tried to make a yosemite installer for a D830 it didn't work, I made a forum and said that that tuturial is out of date and would be surprised if it still worked. Im yondering if anybody could create a tuturial and just paste it in a reply. I cant find anything on anybody making a installer that worked with the D830 that isn't outdated.
  22. OK I'll look at it. Its gonna take a while for me do this sense I had to reset my mac so I'll have to re-download elcaptain
  23. I want to make a El captian Installer on an other USB and install it on a other Hard drive on my D830, but there isn't a bootpack for a D830 so ya Do you know if you or somebody else could make on Herve?
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