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  1. I'm using clover, Away from the computer this evening, will get back to you guys tomorrow. Thank you for advice so far.
  2. Got El Capitan finally up and running on my dell E6230 i5. I just need advice how to get sound working. I'm a newbie so hope its a easy, then I think it will complete,unless I come across more problems, which I hope I don't. Thank you
  3. I used clover to make my El Capitan install USB. I followed this guide: http://osxarena.com/2015/10/guide-install-mac-osx-el-capitan-on-hackintosh-pc-with-clover-vanilla-installation-method/ Also used jakelo e6230 clover files from this thread. https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8296-need-a-clover-configplist-for-dell-e6230/ Did the install OK, everything was fine, after the install booted clover, but my hdd, where I did the install is no longer there. GUID was partition I used on install. Anybody experienced this any advise on what I did worng or how to fix it please Thank you all
  4. I checked out the clover Yosemite guide, but running into a problem, that yosemite installer is no longer available. Realisticly I have no idea what I'm doing, a need a newbie guide. I have setup for a virtual box mavericks, wondering if I could make a USB boot drive using windows. Any help?
  5. Just brought myself a dell e6230, in hope of be able to install El Capitan. I'm new to the hackintosh, just wondering if there is a newbie guide to help complete the job. Thank you.
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