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  1. Thank you @Jake Lo and @Chicken07 Now trackpad is working with your help. Changed my config based on your EFI and all is OK. Tap to Click : OK Two finger Scroll : OK My next steps try to find solution for multi finger gestures.
  2. Hello, Is it possible to send your EFI folder ? Thx
  3. The same problem. Here my IOReg. Thanks mastertn_ioreg_7480.zip
  4. Hi, I tryed to change KEXT / SSDT / PATCH and no luck. Every think work except trackpad. Here my EFI folder. DELL_7480_EFI.zip
  5. Hello, Dell 7480 i7 ALPS Trackpad : (VoodooPS2Controller & VoodooI2C) - Working on Catalina with Clover - Not Working on Big Sur OC 0.6.3 Tested many solution some times get : appleintellpssi2ccontroller ftimerservicematching timed out I Have to disable VoodooI2C//VoodooInput, conflict with VoodooPS2Controller//VoodooInput PLZ Help Thanks.
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