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  1. when i shutdown on hackintosh, everything has turn off but the notification light on the computer still signals that it is working sorry my bad english i using Mac OS 10.12.6
  2. sorry its my fault and thank you
  3. Hello guy, my hackintosh cant shutdown, i dont know why and i cant fix it, pls help me I5-4200U/HM87 HD4400 (1600x900) + GT 740M CLOVER.zip
  4. i using Dell Latitude 3440, i see values for VGA in this post , so can i fix VGA after following this post? My configuration: i5-4200u,HD4400, VGA mac os 10.12.6
  5. i alway using smbios macbook air from 10.11 to 10.13 no errors like this
  6. hi guy, recently my disk has something error and i need to reinstall Mac Os This time i install Mac Sierra 10.12.6 and has error Mac os could not be installed on your computer Please check my CLOVER help me Clover/kext AND CLOVER\drivers64UEFI AND config.plis I using for only USB install Clover/APCI/patched 10.13.x for only 10.13.x System configuration: I5-4200u HD4400+gt740(disable with hotpatch) ALC283 AR955- RTL8168/8111 4GB ram Synaptic touchpad CLOVER.zip
  7. i can fix with convert HFS+ to APFS but in APFS i can't install kext, why? i can install AppleBacklightInjector.kext and AppleHDA_ALC283.kext just working only one after restart audio and AppleBacklightInjector not working
  8. hi guy, my storage in high sierra when i has issue (+) increase the number of partitions on the device with Disk Utility now Mac OS info show 54.14 GB Capacity Exactly I use 126gb for Mac yesterday i increase the number of partitions on the device +1 partition(over 70gb) but has error shrinking too long How to fix it please help me I'm very poor english, please see in image to see the error
  9. Dummy ALC-283 kext + codec layout id 3.
  10. it working, thanks you very very much
  11. change in info.plist right? nothing change need patch and install applehda and remove applealc right? how to use AppleHDA_ALC283.kext? just install or patch?
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