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  1. This message is created from Bir Sur. It was the config-HD520 that made this possible. The config-HD520-Intel started but did not enable Bluetooth. The startup process is faster than ever! Now have an i7 Many thank's again.
  2. Switched to the debug version of OC and set the debuglevel to 83. After the start comes for a short time an error message "NVRAM..." then the installation of Big Sur starts and it is for a long time only the apple to see. I have attached the logs from the EFI partition. Archiv.zip
  3. Hello, have dabbled a bit in carabiner and rearranged the theme with the buttons for my needs. After the conversion to OC, everything now runs as it should. Thanks again for your help Have now tried to update to Big Sur. The result is the black screen with the white apple. (Even after hours no other picture) I created a USB-Sitck with Catalina and copied the OC-EFI from here. Then i installed a new SSD and installed Catalina from this stick. Runs. But no update to Big Sur is possible from here either. Now I created a USB stick with Big Sur, copied the same OC-EFI folde
  4. Work well!!! The year starts happily Thank you very much for your great job. I use Karabiner and your configuration for F11 F12 to dim the Display. This ist working with OC again. Now the the "Windows" Key and the "Alt" Key was swapped and the and the "^" Key and "<" Key was swapped to. What are the name for this key's? I can't find that in Karabiner. Can i update to Big Sur now? Wish you a happy new year too
  5. I have change the value, but don't change anything. Can you see something in the OpenCore boot log? config-oc.plist.zip opencore-2020-12-31-131817.txt.zip
  6. Thank you very much for your time. Is this the data you wanted? Willy’s MacBook Pro.ioreg EFI-OC-7480.zip Here is still the EFI folder from Clover 5119. With this configuration, everything runs very well and reliably. EFI-Clover-7480.zip
  7. Hello Jake Lo, Thanks for your tip, but the adjustment did not change anything. How can I create more information so you can help me? SSDT-PNLF.aml.zip i only took the aml files that were present in my clover configuration (left). In the version of catmater other files are included. Is this significant? (right)
  8. Hello I need support, I want to switch to Big Sur and currently have Catalina running with Clover 5119. Everything is running and stable. So switched to OC 0.6.4 and still using Catalina until everything works. Have adjusted the config.plist as far as I could and so was able to enable the sound. I used the OC configuration from catmater as a template. I changed the CPU to Skylake and the GPU to HD 520. Unfortunately I also have the problem with the missing brightness control. I could not fix this with the 7480_BriteNessFn.zip. Remains healthy EFI.zip
  9. OK i've used Jake Lo's config and brand new kext's. Now Catalina is running fine. Thanks for your work and time.
  10. Thank you. 1. deleted the EFI folder from the EFI partition. 2. then the Generic EFI Folder from EFI_v5119.zip copied to the EFI partition 3. copied the folder ACPI + KEXT from the EFI backup and the config.plist to the Clover folder 4. updated all kext Result: If change ECDV to EC is active the installation of Catalina hangs. see picture. If change ECDV to EC is deactive, the installation of Catalina hangs somewhere else. see picture. I have attached the dump from the Mojave.debug_22682.zip Catmater's OC bootpack does'nt work to. Reboot again and again.
  11. Hi, thanks for your fast response. catmater: i have a 7480 with i5-6300U 6.gen. with a Intel GPU HD520. Jake Lo: Clover is v5.0_r5122 which version do you recommend? Use the included EFI from the 2nd post (where can i find it?) kexts are newest Version.
  12. Hello, I have a problem updating from Mojave to Catalina. I have tried the following: - Perform the update from Mojave. (Apple update function). Without success. (I added ECDV patch shortly before the start of the Catalina install app) - Installation with Calatina USB stick according to instructions in the forum. (Dell Latitude / Inspiron / Precision / Vostro / XPS - Clover Guide - Dell.... There is some information in the appendix. Which data is still needed to get support from you? Stay healthy Komprimierte Datei.zip
  13. Yeah, that's it. I probably have to blame myself for the mistake. Had also selected the system data during migration. The DW1830 is displayed as a USB device. Thanks for the great support.
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