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  1. Nothing has changed. After waking up, the monitor remains black. config.plist.zip
  2. Hello Baio77, I have tested your configuration. Audio via HDMI is working. Great thanks. After turning off the screen (per macOS via active corners) and out of sleep mode, the HDMI screen remains black. I have additionally connected a monitor to the DP and rebooted. There is only a signal on the DP, HDMI remains dark. Sleep mode behaves the same as with HDMI.
  3. Looks good, will test it tonight. Thanks a lot first of all. Will report tomorrow.
  4. Nothing has changed. No coming back from sleep mode. No audio via HDMI Archiv.zip When the NUC is woken up from sleep mode and I enter the password on the black screen a short time later, the NUC remains active. Keystrokes or mouse clicks do not change the black screen. Only when I shut down the NUC with CTRL+CMD+ALT+ on/off, the text appears.
  5. OK, Here is my EFI 0.7.4 and the new ioreg file EFI-NUC-OC-074-2021-11-01.zip Wuz.ioreg.zip
  6. Hello Baio77, thank you very much for your tip. Here is my EFI EFI.zip
  7. Followed your tips. But it does not work. The sleep mode also causes problems. When I activate sleep mode, the power LED changes from steady blue to blinking orange. This is how it is supposed to be. If I press a key the LED turns blue again, but there is no picture on the monitor. Hackintool shows: hibernatemode and proximitywake green. Wuz.ioreg.zip config.plist.zip
  8. I took your advice and made the changes. After that I tried the 3 framebuffer variants. Everything runs but no sound over HDMI. MacBook Pro von Wuz.ioreg.zip
  9. Unfortunately, I have not managed to output the sound via HDMI. Could you help me there again. I have already uploaded the ioreg.
  10. Thanks for the support. Here now the ioreg from my NUC. MacBook Pro.ioreg.zip
  11. Hervé gave me the tip: HDMI audio can only work if you inject the HDMI type to the relevant connector (usually con1): framebuffer-con1-enable 1 NUMBER framebuffer-con1-type 00080000 DATA But doesn't work
  12. Thanks, all Ports are running. What can I do with sound over HDMI?
  13. Hello people, i installed Big Sur with the following EFI on the NUC. https://github.com/AndroidOL/NUC6i3SYK Updated the kexts and disabled the ones I no longer need (shiki, etc). Unfortunately, the front USB ports do not work. Is there a possibility to enable them? have already tried hackintools. Sticks inserted in front are not displayed. Audio only works via jack, but not via HDMI or DP
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