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  1. Thanks for the support. Here now the ioreg from my NUC. MacBook Pro.ioreg.zip
  2. Hervé gave me the tip: HDMI audio can only work if you inject the HDMI type to the relevant connector (usually con1): framebuffer-con1-enable 1 NUMBER framebuffer-con1-type 00080000 DATA But doesn't work
  3. Thanks, all Ports are running. What can I do with sound over HDMI?
  4. Hello people, i installed Big Sur with the following EFI on the NUC. https://github.com/AndroidOL/NUC6i3SYK Updated the kexts and disabled the ones I no longer need (shiki, etc). Unfortunately, the front USB ports do not work. Is there a possibility to enable them? have already tried hackintools. Sticks inserted in front are not displayed. Audio only works via jack, but not via HDMI or DP
  5. Is there still a possibility to use Thunderbolt?
  6. Now it has finally worked. see attachment. Thank you very much for your active support. config.plist.zip
  7. I give up. have tried (all) possibilities. i donate 50$ for the following configuration: 4k int. works HDMI ext. works Based on OC 070 or newer Maybe someone can remotely achieve this goal.
  8. In the meantime I have tried all AAPL,ig-platform-id's for this CPU. With and without: AAPL00,overwrite-no-connect string. SMBIOS MBP 13,3 / MBP 13,1 framebuffer-fbmem framebuffer-stolenmem boot arg igfxonln=1 / -igfxmlr / agdpmod=pikera / gdpmod=vit9696 Is there still a chance to get the 4k monitor running?
  9. Got the following tips from Hervé: Try and: remove those FakePCIID kexts, they're all mostly deprecated now and should no longer required add igfxonln=1 boot arg change SKL framebuffer to recommended layout to 0x19160000 rather than 0x191b000 inject your EDID hex chain as an iGPU property. switch to MPB13,1 SMBIOS, a dual-core/HD540 model, rather than MPB13,3 which is a quad-core/dual-GPU (HD530+AMD Radeon Pro 450) Unfortunately, only the int. display runs choppy (You have helped me many times now, would like to show my appreciation. How can I donate to you?)
  10. Hello Hervé, after disabling the FakePCIID kexts and nvreset, there is only the ext. monitor.
  11. Hello Broxteck, when I start with the ext. monitor {Fn}+{F8}, then I get the apple (I never had until now). Just before switching on the apple I still see the message: Probing ... Starting ... When I start with the int. monitor, with the ext. still connected, the PC freezes. The ext. monitor stays dark and on the int. monitor is the message: IGPU setting ...
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