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  1. Hello Jake Lo, here are the files you asked for. Hello Jazzoo, thanks for the tip with the 11.5. will wait. MacBook Pro mit WD16T.ioreg VoodooPS2Controller.kext.zip
  2. Hello people, Jazzoo motivated me with the statement that the same chips are installed in the touchpad of the 7480 and 7490 to do the following: I copied the VoodooPS2Controller.kext from the EFI for the 7480 to the EFI 7490, did a nvram-reset and rebooted. Result: Nothing changed with the touchpad. Pointer very slow and all buttons without function. But now the USB ports and the NIC in the WD15 work. Now only TB is missing and maybe soon there will be a solution for the touchpad and their keys. Thanks again to all who supported me.
  3. Hello people, thanks again for your great support. Especially quynkk5 I have to thank. Without the hint about the image at Olarila, I would not have even started the attempt. With things running so nicely, I hooked up a Dell WD15 USB Type-c docking station. Except for the USB ports and the NIC, everything works. Is there a possibility to get this to run as well? Hervé has worked out a great tutorial for this constellation and of course Jake Lo, who has helped me out several times. If so I will get a touchpad from the 7480 as a spare part and install it in the 7490. A DW1830 is also already on the way. Stay healthy
  4. Hi, have connected the HDMI monitor. changed the value and restarted. HDMI monitor remained dark. Unplugged HDMI connector and plugged it back in. Shortly after that the picture was there. Funzt (is german for works) many many thanks now only Thunderbolt and the trackpad is missing, then I am happy
  5. Here is the ioreg with HDMI MacBook Pro von Birne HDMI.ioreg
  6. Hello Jake Lo, I have tested your EFI. Result: - Sound and microphone work. - Camera works - Trackpad works, but pointer is very slow despite max pointer speed. - The touchpad buttons do not respond (all 4). - Sleep mode works. - Volume control works with F2, F3 and F4. - Brightness cannot be controlled with (Fn) F11 and (Fn) F12 - Thunderbolt is not present Thanks for your efforts Hello Baio77, have generated the data with your Debug-EFI. Thanks for your time. SysReport.zip I have tested a little further. a monitor connected to HDMI is not recognized.
  7. Hello Baio77, Thank you very much for your support. Have now tried the following: 1. BIOS settings like: https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/11477-7490-bios-settings/?tab=comments#comment-90318 2. copied your EFI folder to internal SSD. 3. started 4. nvreset 5. started Result: no sound, no touchpad, no sleep, no Thunderbolt started another time with nvram-reset no success. Does it make sense to do a complete reinstall with your EFI? here still the ioreg with your EFI MacBook Pro von Birne-Bajo77.ioreg
  8. Hello Jake Lo, thank you very much for the support. I have tried all your values with a following nvram-reset. No sound, no microphone. The trackpad doesn't work either, so I tried again the EFI folder without (AirportItlwmBS.kext and IntelBluetoothFirmware.kext) uploaded. Stay healthy EFI Kopie.zip MacBook Pro von Birne.ioreg
  9. Hello quynkk5, I downloaded the Olarila image from again with another PC and installed it on the stick. Then copied your EFI folder from - Dell E7490: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmHnQsJK7vXsiVxAsbUX-ZV0l3BJ?e=O0K3XP booted, did an nvram-reset, booted and waited. And (big joy) installed Big Sur. with a USB mouse. Thank you very much. WLAN and BT have started working after one or two more restarts with nvram-reset. Unfortunately, some things still don't work. - sound - microphone - sleep can you give me another tip?
  10. hello to all contributors, i have the same hardware as VRdP: Dell Latitude 7490 CPU Intel i7 8650U Kaby Lake R 8. gen GPU Intel UHD Graphics 620 Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 As described, I used the image from Olarila to populate the installation stick. Then I copied the EFI folder from quynkk5 to the EFI partition, did an nvram-reset and booted. I lift the same error as described in the video of VRdP. Disabling the voodoo components in config.plist does not bring success. I have tried this with several different USB sticks. Then I deleted the sticks, created with the terminal Big Sur installation sticks and copied again the EFI of quynkk5. Unfortunately with the same result. Is there any other way to install Big Sur or Monteray on a 7490 (not E7490)?
  11. This message is created from Bir Sur. It was the config-HD520 that made this possible. The config-HD520-Intel started but did not enable Bluetooth. The startup process is faster than ever! Now have an i7 Many thank's again.
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