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  1. My problem is hdmi audio battery drain and imessage same on you. And sometimes wont wake up after sleep and restart.
  2. I have 5548 can you share your clover folder with me ? And your hdmi audio its work ?
  3. Clover. I can't add ioreg. Give error. Adsız.tiff CLOVER.zip
  4. Audio and hdmi audio not work with this fb.
  5. I must fix hdmi audio and disable second graphic card.
  6. Restored but doesnt work now. I must be dvmt but bios backup tools not working.
  7. My grafic card worked before patch dsdt. Bios backup tools doesnt work on my pc. Give "cannot identfy the bios" error. Run as administrator. My dedicated memory is 2048.
  8. Ntfs 3g can work on El capitan ?
  9. Uploaded. Edit:i try fix iMessage but i can't do. added screen shot. Edit2: Can i switch fn and ctrl key ? Im using Karabinar try Right ctrl key to right command key its work but. fn key to ctrl key swithing how can do that ? Lyna MacBook Pro.zip origin.zip
  10. Yes video is able. Hdmi audio not seen in audio setting. I have Amd radeon R7 M265
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