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  1. What folders exactly do you mean? All of them are in my bootpack. You just have to replace your folders in original clover package with these.
  2. Suddenly I had a bug (something with keyboard which caused constant Alt key press), rebooted and now OSX always boots in verbose mode. It has no -v flag in config and in nvram.plist (tried without nvram emulation driver) too. How can I fix it?
  3. I have that kind of behavior of HDMI sound: If my laptop is powered off and switch it on with HDMI plugged, I got no sound in booted OSX. To get sound working I have to replug HDMI or switch off/switch on my monitor. After that sound appears. Is that normal or it can be fixed? The thing that bothers me most is that magical DVMT value revert... In your post it's said that the setting is preserved even after BIOS update. I'm afraid that this could happen during business trip so I'll have to bring usb flash with uefi shell to be able to set it back
  4. I fixed screen flickering. Just replaced IntelBacklight.kext with a new one. Also I added EmuVariableUefi-64.efi driver to preserve brightness, volume level after reboots One thing that bothers me then happened. After several restarts I had kernel panic at assertion in AppleIntelFramebuffer.kext. That was due to DVMT value magically reverted back to 0x1 and I had to set it to 0x3 again. After that I cannot see Nvidia chip in System report now, so I think it's disabled now. I looked for my wireless card and discovered that it's not 1/2 miniPCIe but NGFF. I suppose Dell DW1560 (Broadco
  5. Here is my debug.log. I installed latest clover but screen is still flashing during boot when on battery. Can you help fixing it please? I think it depends on DSDT patches. Screen started flashing after trying your first DSDT patches when brightness controll became available. debug.log.zip
  6. Can I enable debug in Clover on my USB drive? I have three partitions now (EFI FAT32, Windows NTFS, El capitanHFS+). OSX is on the third partition. When I try to install Clover it doesn't install to EFI partition.
  7. Thanks! It works. Any chances of disabling discrete graphics through DSDT?
  8. Laptop sleeps okay when on battery even with ethernet cable plugged in. The problem occurs only when on AC power. All corresponding options in power saving are unchecked.
  9. Wake on lan Usb wake Wake on AC All of them are disabled
  10. Jake Lo, can you help me with disabling nvidia please? I have a problem with sleep when plugged to AC adapter. After I press sleep button it instantly wake up. I see "kernel: Wake reason: GLAN" in console. This problem occurs only when plugged to AC.
  11. Here are my patched DSDTs, kexts and config CLOVER.ZIP
  12. By the way. I tried to plug my headphones with mic (they have only one jack). But osx doesn't detect a mic in it. On windows I had to choose whether it's a headphone or headphone + mic. Can I achieve something this in osx?
  13. Disabled legacy boot mode in BIOS. No changes. I have all DSDT from v4 attachment and ssdt in my patched folder. Also I have DropOEM set to true in config. I can still see Nvidia chip in Graphics section in system report.
  14. Legacy boot mode is enabled. You mean I should try booting clover from MBR in legacy mode instead of using uefi boot?
  15. After adding FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext & FakePCIID.kext files camera started working!!! My card reader also appeared in usb devices list but it's not working (I suppose it won't work at all) Currently I see Nvidia chip in system report with v3 and v4 dsdt attachments. I've made some investigation regarding hdmi sound. I can't hear any sound if I boot laptop with HDMI connected. However, when I reconnect HDMI the sound works OK. Here are two IOreg files with working and not working sound. Almost all is working! Thanks! Is there any chances to make hdmi sound working without reconnecting it a
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