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  1. I did like that. With Clover Configurator. Sorry about the mistake in my post.
  2. Ok. My computer said "Operation system not found." I don't know where the problem is coming. I tried the following : WIth NV_DISABLE=1 With SSDT/DSDT Without SSDT/DSDT
  3. Hi, Thanks! I will try this out. I am not sure I can disabled the NVIDIA card, still searching a way to do this. Otherwise, if I don't plug HDMI, it will be disabled? I am not sure my SATA mode is AHCI, but I am sure I canno't change it. Edit : the SATA controller is storahci.
  4. It is 1366x768, on the onboard screen, but I can connect another screen on Mini Display Port (to VGA, on INTEL HD Graphics), 1080p.
  5. Hi. 1. It dosen't support UEFI. Windows is Legacy. BUT, there is some modded BIOS, but old one, and I am not sure I should do it. 2. I canno't disabled NIVIDA by BIOS but NVIDIA is only running on HDMI output.
  6. FelixINX

    E6410 El Capitain

    Thanks, I have posted a new thread for my other machine, a better one.
  7. Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to install OS X El Capitain on a Dell XPS L502X. Here are the system spec : i7-2670QM 8GB Ram Intel HD Graphics 3000 NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M I have access to a Mac. I want to install Mac on a different hard drive, ready for this. I also want to keep Windows on my main drive. Thanks
  8. FelixINX

    E6410 El Capitain

    Hi, I have a Dell E6410 laptop and I want to install Mac OS X El Captain on another drive. My laptop model has no NVIDIA graphic card, and with an i5 M560, along with 4GB of RAM. I have followed this guide : but when I have choosed USB for boot, a underscore keep flashing forever (at least 20 minutes). My USB key is SanDisk Ultra 3.0 64 GB. Could this be the problem, should I choose a 2.0 USB? Any help appreciated! Thanks.
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