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  1. Hello everyone I have a problem my keyboard is not recognized correctly, for example opt key is in place the cmd key another example, el capitan the volume keys instead work on Sierra not. Is there a way to make it work correctly ?
  2. I have a problem with bcm94352 HMB id: 14e4: 43b1 with darvoid patch does not work, with ioreg explorer el capitan is RP02 BCM4360 but on the Public Beta Sierra kext is loaded here are my config.plist and dsdt config.zip DSDT.zip
  3. Hello i have change my wifi card with bcm94352hmb Airport works but Bluetooth is not recognized
  4. sorry for the photos do not know why and upside down,now my bios is a12 and working properly . when I tried to install el capitan on my notebook at the end crashed less than a second and did not reboot to finish the installation before the test was with another hd with el capitan already installed Sorry for my englisch
  5. hello i have a problem with hd graphics 4000 I used the package in the forum but I by this problem
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