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  1. Well I finally got it going! I googled and found a similar issue to what I was having and the solution for them was to delete /Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver.plist and reboot. Well I tried that and it didn't fix my problem, in fact it caused another issue.... now one of my monitors wouldn't work at all no matter which port I hooked it in. So I decided to try one more thing... I had an older clone of my OS X on another drive so I used that file from the clone and rebooted and both monitors started working again. And after that I rebooted again and they are both still working.. I'm not completely sure but I believe my problem was caused by using the screen saver and changing the screen saver's display setting to display on both monitors and that it caused something to get corrupted in the com.apple.windowserver.plist.
  2. I'm not sure if it has power coming out of the monitor but I did unplug it for a while. I can't verify it works during boot before os x loads because my graphics card doesn't work until then.
  3. Yesterday I got a monitor gave to me so I decided to try out dual monitors and shut down the computer and hooked up the second monitor. Well both monitors were working great and both were recognized as the correct models. I played around with them for a while testing screen savers and watching youtube videos. I actually feel asleep with electric sheep running on both of them and turned the power off of my big display. When I work up this morning my computer had went to sleep and when it resumed I only had graphics working on just one of the displays. I can't get both to work again at the same time. I'm using an ati card with hdmi and dvi outs. The monitor I turned off last night was connected to the dvi output and that is the output that will not work at all now even hooked up by itself and rebooting. So does anyone know what I need to change to get both working again? It has to be a config issue but I don't know which file to edit or to delete. I did reset the nvram but that didn't help. Thanks for any suggestions. And sorry if I posted this in the wrong section... I didn't see anywhere else to post.
  4. Thank you so much! Swapped cards, booted without caches and it's working good. The only thing that isn't working openCL. What do I have to do to enable it?
  5. Thanks, I'll go ahead and swap cards and reboot without cache and see what happens.
  6. I was gifted a radeon 6670 yesterday and I would like to install that card and take the one I'm using out. Right now I'm using a 5450. I'm using El Capitan right now and it's running perfect but I would like to try to use my new card. What would be the best way to go about it? I was wondering what I need to change. I know I need to replace the related kexts and rebuild the cache, are there anything else that I need to change or modify? I'm making a backup of everything just in case I have trouble and need to rollback to a working system.
  7. Thanks, I just seen those newer posts. I'll try those suggestions out and see what happens. Thanks for the help!
  8. I tried to use your VoodooHDA kext but no luck. I did finally get sound by downloading the voodoohda installer but the sound is full of static all the time. After that I tried your kext again in hopes of getting rid of the static but it took the audio device away again so I had to run the voodoo installer again. Any suggestions on how to remove the static?
  9. Well the topic says it all.... I'm not having any luck at all getting any sound or sound device to show up in a fresh Sierra install on a Dell Optiplex 9010. I've got graphics running smoothly, wifi working, and the only thing is I can't figure out what to do about getting sound. I can't find anything specific about getting the ALC269 chip to work in macOS Sierra. I've tried several different guides from several different websites, and every reboot I used the -f boot flag. I've tried editing the config.plist, trying different kexts, and after every failed attempt I would undo everything I changed and try something else. But now my head hurts and I don't know where a good starting point is to try again. Anyway I have a perfectly working copy of El Capitan working on the same machine if that is any help. If anyone might have any advice or recommendations that would be great.... I'm so confused, I don't know which kexts that I should be using and which kexts might be causing a conflict that I shouldn't be using. I basically copied the kexts and clover config.plist from the El Capitan install to the new Sierra install and that could be messing things up from working. Anyway thanks for reading and thanks once again for any advice or help you might have.
  10. Thanks guys... I thought I had copied the efi folder from the usb drive to the hard drive but actually I was making a mistake using using efi mounter v3.... I didn't realize I had to unmount the efi partition before I could mount the other one.... Anyway problem solved computer boots fine now lol... I feel stupid now haha.. @Bronxteck -> optiplex 9010 is a nice machine...and it does take a few seconds before clover shows the gui. Are you running multiple Operating systems or just OS X? I have 3 hard drives in mine, one of them is my Windows 7 drive... But to boot it I have to go into Bios and change disk mode to Raid and UEFI boot back to legacy and it will reboot into windows. I'm sure there's a better way to do it but for now I'm happy
  11. First off let me say thanks to everyone involved with making OS X run off of non apple hardware possible. I'm running El Capitan on a Dell Optiplex 9010 with the i7-3770 and a radeon hd 5450 using the hdmi port. I had to install a few kexts to get the ethernet, sound, graphics card, and usb 3.0 ports running correctly. My system runs great! It's extremely fast and no glitches at all. But my problem is that I cannot boot without using the usb bootloader and I'm sure it's something simple but after searching and searching google and all the hackintosh sites and forums and trying various solutions I give up and thought I'd ask the fine people on here what I'm doing wrong. I'm using clover and I installed clover to the harddrive. Booting from just the hard drive always causes a kernel panic and booting using the usb bootloader works perfectly fine.. My question is are there something I can do to clone the bootloader from the usb to my hard drive? I've downloaded clover configurator but I'm not sure if I'm using it correctly. I've been afraid of messing up my usb drive accidentally so I've left good enough alone but I'd like to fix the boot issue. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me
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