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  1. I am also having another problem, during the boot it instantly chose recovery partition as priority, i tried to change it in bios but no results. 2. Can be the problem within the system because of my multipied action made on efi? I mean here 7. Copy kexts from /EFI/Clover/Kexts/Other/CopytoLE to /Library/Extensions of Macintosh SSD...Thx PS. I used different clover versions I use like 3 of them curently...regarding my previous post, i got some errors with sounds etc so i somehow made my final efi folder here, please: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gx9P0WKEC2cFrxU_MAfHubZz2FuDSsDP It shows me in system pref 2 cards nvidia and intel, wish to know how to disable one and how to make hdmi working...THANK YOU GUYS!!!
  2. Hi guys sorry for my late reply but i crashed my system with all the moves around while trying to make this hdmi working. I will start from the beginning: I made a clear(reinstallation of JAke lo dell inspiron guide again) after crushing my system with efi replacement and i lost my usb from so long somwehere.., I created all files like in this instruction and boom, black screen can not boot, i do not know why...i was looking for my pendrive with installation of my current El Captain...and did not find it for many days...finally i managed to find my efi folder on googel drive, yeah!! I used another mac to replace jake lo guide EFI with my google drive EFI and... managed to start system!!! yeah...after knowing i am save now-having a bootable pendrive and got my efi there, i tried all the EFI folders from every guide u guys provided me!!...and none of them worked(hdmi and sytem start)...my pc has juts a black screen and cannot boot, only my efi works! but without hdmi of course from last past 2 years...;/...well this is a black magic for me...so I am uploading my EFI here...so maybe finally somebody could give an answer on this crazy issue...sorry for external link but it is not allowed to post more than 19.4 mb...my EFI is here: https://www54.zippyshare.com/v/zQFr1d7j/file.html ...Thx a lot for reply!!! PS. My Bios is A13
  3. Herve, how to do it? I use El Captain of course...;/ tried almost every guide...
  4. Hello, i have hack fully working with optimus disabled, after loading apple logo disappear, i ha ve black screen on tv and on my laptop. Do you have any suggestions ? thank you
  5. Thx a lot for your support guys, it was superb meaningful, I was a total amateur in it and now I made my second hackintosh on Desktop. In lost my usb with my current El capitan instalation. I got osme knowledge about Hacks and regarding installation we discussed here, one and only thing that is not working is HDMI. As I understand this is a commojn issue for this model especially with NVIDIA. Jake wrote I should enable NVIDIA to make HDMI working, but how to enable it? In bios? I have an optimus technology enabled and than my Dell is not showing anything on the external display...
  6. Hello, I have a question, it seems that the volume of the sounds is not at the level it should work like before in Voodoo-when i have level of the volume on center position is really quiet and when I have it on max it does not sound as loud as it should be...Thank you!!
  7. Yes it is the reason I guess, I have copied whole kext folder instead just S/L/E...Thank all is working for now I guess. Greetings from Poland
  8. Yes u r right! after i installed your pack, i cannot load into the system-there was huge boot error!!...so i go back to the old files, now I downgraded the bios do A11 and nanosecod error dissapered!...only issues that left are: 1. Brightness is changing itself 2. Baterry calculating... nest step: see if Jake is right.. JAKE, intsall them u mean copy from your folder to EFI Partiotion on SSD, than rebuild cache and than copy it to system extenstions???
  9. Sometimes i have nanosecond error When bootong after restart it is Ok, it boots niemal, sometimes this battery issue sometimes not, is it normal For hack?
  10. sometimes the screen is getting really dark, i can fix it by pressing fn and arrow buttow to increase brightness(not mac brighteness function)...Can it be connected with the same-2 graphic kexts? or bios? i updated to A13 from A11...
  11. Sometimes battery precentage status is changing for a moment on X, when I clik on it it come back to percentage...Can it be connected with the fact of having 2 batery kexts on EFI SSD partition or having 2 battery kexts in Library? Same is happening with brightness...sometimes it change the brightness for a moment, looks like same issue...I was leading new kexts if the old one was not working...and sudenly all was working so I saved that folder...Can it be the problem? what u think? Thank you!
  12. Hi, I made a backup of my previous EFI folder which worked before and install it over existing one... all seems to work with camera...i red about usb , it can be connected with camera...whatever...now I have percentage of battery visible and when i click on it, it always says "calculating time remaining..."-not showing the time of the battery... Can it be connected with too many kext in th EFI which has a conflict, sometimes i use different baterries with different capacities... Thank u for the answar I
  13. Hello, thanks for reply...I have all working beside one thing stange one,,, sometimes I have camera available sometimes No video capture devices were found. Maybe it is because there are some conflicts between kexts? but to be sure I will update it with Jake's files from last post. Thank you Jake...
  14. Thank you Herve, this is the answar I was looking for great for a beginner like me, all ok, poin 1 and 2 done, fantastic! just 3 point left, battery... Does some of you tried that?
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