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  1. Did all of that, it still shows after clicking Turn WiFi On in the settings that it doesn't start searching for connections and remains off. Is there a certain way that the WiFi card needs to be installed or the orientation the antenna connections attach to the WiFi card.
  2. Hello Jake, Sounds good. Shipped in the wifi card and the OS is recognizing the WiFi and gives an option to turn on WiFi, however, whenever Turn on WiFi is selected nothing happens and none of the locally available networks show up. Is that a problem with the card itself or a different kext needed to get the card running. Thank you!
  3. Thank you much! Battery is now showing and working great. Did you install a separate program to change the size of the screen as the only options I have are 2140x1440 and 2048x1152 as well as 1600x900 in the system preferences?
  4. Attached the debug file. Went ahead and ordered it. The USB wifi works great until the DW1560 comes in. Thank you! debug_14173.zip
  5. Sounds good I'll go ahead and do that. Thank you so much for making this installation possible. Couple questions now that Mac OS is booting up great. Which wifi cards would you recommend using with the e7470 and is it possible to use a USB wifi card as I wait on getting one that works with Mac OS? Also, I'm not getting the battery indicator to work or show up when the laptop is plugged in. Would there be a kext that I might be missing or something I need to install in the post-installation to get that working? Thank you!
  6. Thanks for the heads up for updating the kexts. Will do that. How do I disable trim in the config file as it is going to the NVME my E7470? It that in clover or on the Config file when plugged into the original Mac. Also, is there a way to bring up the original EFI partition that comes up as it is not coming up when I plug in the installation USB drive for some reason. Thank you!
  7. Hello. I am in the process of getting Mac OS on my E7470 i7 laptop but the computer hangs before it can display the install screen when booting from USB. The installation gets to "apfs_module_start:1393: load: com.apple.filesystem.apfs. v945.257.7, apfs-945275.7, 2019/08/20" where it starts to hang. Wondering if someone else encountered this and possible solutions. Current_EFI.zip
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