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  1. Got a few free laptops, two for parts and two working. Two E6500's and two E6400's. The E6400's have Intel GPUs, and the E6500's have Quadro NVS 160m's. I revived one of the E6400's with parts from the dead E6500 (dead cpu in the e6400, just took it out of the e6500 since it was completely unsalvageable). Decided to hackintosh the E6500 because the 1920x1200 screen on it is freaking gorgeous and it's fast enough for day to day activities for me. Created a Sierra installer, found a DSDT, and it gets right to the very end and then has a kernel panic after flashing NvdaStartup: Official briefly. Since this isn't using Optimus, it should work. Other people got it working too (although can't find anything on Sierra for this machine). Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Only kexts I have that aren't standard are an updated AppleIntelE1000e kext and VooDooPS2. I've tried nv_disable=1, nvda_drv=1, GraphicsEnabler=yes and no, and every other graphics related boot flag I could find. I'm at a loss here, what am I missing? The only vaguely related info I could find was that it may be an issue with my SMBIOS, it's set to MacbookPro7,1 since that had the same CPU and supports Sierra (the other people I saw hackintoshing this suggested 5,1 but that isn't supported by Sierra..)
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