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  1. Hey guys, I've been trying to get sleep to work on my e6400 for some time now. I have followed this guide which was very nice and easy! 1. For me not working are waking up from sleep 2. Laptop trackpad not scrolling Anyone any help with these? Many thanks
  2. Hey all thanks for the replies. I got it working now after installing chameleon. I got sleep to work using Probook Installer. Audio semi working after using Multi Beast Brightness is low and can't increase it Wifi not working. I had Broadcom 4324 wifi card (in a Latitude e6400 Hackbook) I wanted to use for this hackbook, but apparantly it isn't supported. With that i have decided to just let it go for now and use the e6400. many thx.
  3. Ok i did a clean bluid, install and got the same. While in linux i used myhack to install chameleon. Now when booting it gets stuck on ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::start - waitForService(recourseMatching(AppleIntelCPUManagement) timed out. On my other hackbook when starting up i get a grey screen with osxlatitude on it. On this one i dont get that screen. Any help please. Did a restart with USB in seems to fix the problem it just starts up.
  4. Ok so i checked that the wifi card is am Intel N 6205 card. Couldnd find the bluetooth controller. using the EDP for ML with a ML install app using the guide on this site, it should work right. I mean booting without the USB stick Edit: ah, ok. Shouldnt that go automatically? Now I see that I didnt do the post installation steps. Could it be that?
  5. Hey all, I have once succesfully installed Mountain Lion on a Dell e6400 using MyHack. I recently saw an EDP for the Probook 5330m and tried it out yesterday. I got OS X to install, but after installation and removing the USB stick it wont start up. I get black screen saying to install an OS on the machine. When I try to enter the bios I can only do some scans for memory and hdd. When i insert the USB in, the machine will boot up into OS X. Does anybody know what the problem is here? some specs of the lappie: Core i5-2520M 4G ram apperantly a HD3000 integrated card I know have ubuntu installed. Is there a way that I can check the brand of the wifi and bluetooth cards using linux? thx
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