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  1. There are no guide how to install this pkg file under windows into image
  2. I was following Method 2. – Using our premade image
  3. I followed this guide, http://www.osxlatitude.com/creating-a-usb-pen-with-osx-installation/ Not a single word about chameleon of anything else. Just used dd to make bootable flash from your image file.
  4. What? I wasn't installing any chameleon. I just made bootable flash and its looped.
  5. Decided to try once again, and failed. I downloaded SLD430USB.img.bz2 unpacked via winrar then used dd to create flashdriver, after i stated booting my 620 from flash and stuck on this loop: http://youtu.be/LyQ5LN2V_Lk What was i doning wrong?
  6. What about intel wifi card? Don't remember version number but its one of the cards which don't have driver for osx. And movement?
  7. Hi, I'vebeen absent for a while, now i wanna back to OSX Any update to my _firstpost guide_? I see we have new bootloader Chameleon v2.0-RC5 r665 >> chameleon RC5 ver.747 should i move? And aboutEDP 1.5 >> 1.7 Any other updates?
  8. Well ok but you can still get it here http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5020311/oldapplelogo.bmp
  9. I already updatec osx to 10.6.6 and enabling powerpack don't ruin osx boot. weird...
  10. So, after i installed OSX its asking me to set it up, i'm entering my name, adress, bla bla bla and then, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYwyEJD2XUY Check it on 00:50. It will be like this forever if i won't press "Go back" and then "Continue" and then it goes to time zone screen. What is it?
  11. So, i reinstalled OSX and reproduced the problem. OSX fails to load and powerpack is enabled. OSX 10.6.0 Error screen http://dl.dropbox.co...11/IMG_6754.JPG ++ I also cant control brightness of the screen
  12. I don't know how, but looks like this kext utility ruined my mac os installation. Its working but with horrible bugs like failing to get into process manager and etc. I'm reinstalling now
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