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  1. We will able to access the L/E through pendrive but what about S/L/E?
  2. Hi Jake Lo, I have replaced data with help of your comments, After replaced it, When i boot a sierra from USB, I get this error again and again. Error Snapshot - https://ibb.co/nMamBF
  3. Hi Herve - Please let me know you are talk about this page - http://www.osxlatitude.com/edp/documentation/ Also I am not aware of Sierra using a vanilla method not a distro. I am new on hackintosh .
  4. Hey @Hervé and @Jake Lo, I have tried with as per your comments, but still i am getting this error only.
  5. Hi Friends, I have created the bootable USB but after select and boot from USB Sierra drive and I have this error My Laptop Configuration Model: Dell Latitude E6430(Clover) CPU: i5-3380 2.9 GHz RAM : 4GB Graphics: HD4000, 1366x768
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