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  1. Hi Jake, Sorry I edited the above post but forgot to submit it... I've had it working for months. So already had clover installed. Foolishly, all I did select install updates. The updates were downloaded, laptop rebooted and now I can boot to clover, but get the above error. I'm getting the below KP now. running clover (r4051) off a usb with the kexts, conf and dsdt from the above zip archive. EDIT: Think I've fixed it. I had an outdated graphics patch. I replaced mine with the following and can now boot. find 01000075 25 replace 010000EB 25
  2. Sorry for digging up an old thread... I thought this would be better than creating a new one (Since I made this thread originally) I foolishly tried updating my Sierra release via the app store earlier, and now I can't get the thing to boot. I've changed nothing since reporting that everything was working earlier on in this thread. Im now getting the "busy timeout[0], (240s) kextd wait(0): 'AppleACPICPU', 'MCHC'" error again. I'm wondering if anything has changed in the newest release? I've updated clover and copied over all existing conf, kexts and dsdt. But still nothing. I've seen other people with problems with the 2nd part of the installation. Issues that resolved it were removing SSDT.aml (which I don't use) and removing FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext which I also don't use I've attached my entire clover setup as a zip file. Conf, dsdt, kexts etc... I've tried the latest clover version on sourceforge and also r4051 neither worked Any pointers/help would be greatly appreciated. Archive.zip
  3. Hi, Yes everything works with the DSDT above. I have the i7 too. What issues are you having?
  4. Hi Herve, I appreciate the help, and I thanks for the information above. I'll be sure to remember it in the future.
  5. Hey there Mr Herve! You are the man! Yeah I can now see I was typing the wrong thing, I meant to say /EFI/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other/ Since thats how it looks when I mount my EFI. Anyway copying that kext to /L/E did the trick, repaired perms and rebooted. I now have audio! Both Speakers and Mic! I honestly didnt know that /L/E wouldn't get updated. I always thought it would, which is why I've been reluctant to copy anything over. Now I just need to figure out the issue with trackpad settings not loading on boot.
  6. Thanks for the help Herve. That kext was already placed in that folder as I downloaded the kext pack from Jake Los guide. I've tried moving it to /E/E/kexts/Other but still the same result. I'll try putting it in /L/E now. The reason I didn't want to do that was if I ever wanted to update, all I would need to do is copy the entire EFI folder over and have everything working. I appreciate the help.
  7. Thanks Herve, I was really hoping this would work Sadly it didn't. I removed all the AppleHDA patched in my clover conf. Replaced with the ones you provided above. Put that AppleHDA_IDT kext into my /E/E/kexts/Other/LE/ folder (Replaced the one that was already there) Replaced the Patched AppleHDA with the one that was in /S/L/E Using Kext Helper. Saved Config, rebooted and still no joy How do I know what version of AppleHDA I have? The vanilla one from /S/L/E is on my desktop.
  8. Hi All, Just like to say thanks in helping me get Sierra running on my E6230 in the first place! You are all awesome I have an issue with my audio though. Im using Jake Lo's kext pack from the Lattitude/Inspiron/Precision Guide. It has the AppleHDA patches in the config already, and I've also tried adding find: 8A19D411 replace: 00000000 with no luck. I've tried replacing AppleHDA_IDT with the AppleHDA_IDT-92HD-93.kext too. That didn't work. I've renamed them to AppleHDA.kext to see if that would help. The kexts are in /E/E/ and using the Clover kext patching. Another minor issue. I've replaced the touchpad settings pane, but the settings dont apply on boot. I've tried running the touchpad settings script floating around but get "Trackpad is not allowed assistive access"
  9. Thanks Jake I'll give it a bash. I've done a few hackintoshes but still haven't learnt about how the dsdt and ssdt files files work, so I'm looking forward to doing some research! Hopefully I won't need to ask many further questions that way! Thanks again
  10. All installed now! Thanks for your help everyone. Some minor issues I need to try and figure out. I have no audio or mic and my trackpad pointer stutters every few seconds (No big deal) Tried installing trackpad prefs to see if it would fix it, but they wouldn't install :S And sleep doesn't work properly. Can still hear fans/hdd spinning even though screen is off
  11. Okay So now I'm getting somewhere. I've had a spare 5 minutes to sit down and go through all the solutions everyone has helpfully provided and managed to get the installer booted! Updating to A11 BIOS and using r3811 along with some other things like changing memory sticks etc... seems to have worked
  12. Okay so as it stands none of the things you suggested worked What I have noticed though is that if I put the install usb in a different slot I get a KP. Not sure if that happens before or after the ACPI Error, due to the text on the screen getting distorted
  13. Yeah I missed the 3 before the 7 haha. Its clover r3799. I'll look in to the graphics patches now. Cheers
  14. Yeah I'm giving that a go now. I also just downloaded r799 of Clover to see if that helps but I seem to be getting a KP with that version, so that hasn't helped.
  15. Thanks for trying to help. I've already got asusintelcpupm and kernelpm enabled in the config. I can't see mchc in the drop tables menu, only MCFG and that didn't help either.
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