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Gigabyte H81M DS2 + i3 4330 + HD7750 - Sierra / High Sierra / Mojave / Catalina / Big Sur / Monterey / Ventura


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Note: This bootpack should also be compatible with any supported 4th Gen Intel CPU on H81 Intel Chipset Motherboard.


Hi all,


Just built my first budget desktop hackintosh and pleased to share the bootpack.




Gigabyte H81M DS2


4th Gen 3.5 GHz i3-4330


8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz Memory


AMD Radeon RX560 (Supported natively by Mac OS Ventura)


Intel Graphics HD 4600

(Working natively up to Mac OS Monterey but unusable. See notes below. Not tested yet on Mac OS Ventura)


AMD Radeon 7750 1GB

(Supported natively up to Mac OS Monterey)

(See other post here https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/11048-amd-radeon-hd-7750-supported-by-mac-os-mojave-catalina/)


OpenCore Bootpack


The OpenCore bootpack can be downloaded from the following link:-


  • macOS Ventura 13.0 (OpenCore 0.8.5):-
    • OpenCore-13.0-0.8.5.zip
    • Looks like OpenCore can still boot Ventura using Mac Mini 18 smbios. However, supported GPU need to be used e.g. AMD RX 560 in my current case.
    • Updated all kexts to latest versions








  • macOS Monterey 12 Beta 9(OpenCore 0.7.4):-
    • OpenCore-11.6-0.7.4.zip
    • Updated OpenCore and all kexts to latest versions
    • Changed SMBIOS to iMac Late 2015 for installer to work


  • macOS Monterey 12 Beta (21A5248p)  (OpenCore 0.7.0):-
    • OpenCore-12-Beta-0.7.0.zip
    • Updated all kexts to latest versions
    • Changed SMBIOS to Mac Mini Late 2014 as Intel 4th Gen Haswell iMacs no longer supported



  • macOS Big Sur 11.3 & 11.3.1 (OpenCore 0.6.9):-


  • macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 (OpenCore 0.6.4):- 
    • OpenCore-11.0.1-0.6.4.zip
    • Updated all kexts to latest versions
    • This bootpack is able to boot Mac OS Big Sur Beta 10. However, it is still getting issue where installer will exit prematurely after starting. If anyone managed to resolve this issue do give me a buzz. Found the cause of installer exiting prematurely after start. Its a hard disk issue. Also had issue similar issue when installing windows on the same hard disk. 

    • So far everything should works except sleep. integrated graphics need to be disabled in bios in order for sleep to work (i.e. no desktop freeze after wake).




  • macOS Big Sur Beta 4 (20A5343i) (OpenCore 0.6.0):-
    • OpenCore-11.0-Beta-20A5343i.zip
    • So far everything works except sleep. System freezes after wake. 

    • This bootpack is based on latest OC and lilu & friends kext release based on OC 0.6.0


  • macOS Big Sur Beta 2 (20A4300b) (OpenCore 0.6.0):-
    • OpenCore-11.0-Beta -20A4300b.zip
    •  So far everything works except sleep. System freezes after wake.

    • This bootpack allow both updating of existing beta 1 to beta 2 and installing new hard drive by running the installer app from an existing Mac OS system.

    • USB installer created from createmediainstall still cannot be booted. Resolved. As @Jake Lo advise, with latest lilu we can omit "-lilubetaall vsmcgen=1 booter-fileset-kernel booter-fileset-basesystem" stuff. Make sure to reset nvram on first OC boot and boot the usb installer on reboot. However, looks like "booter-fileset-kernel & booter-fileset-basesystem" need to be remove when booting usb only and 1st stage installation. 2nd stage looks like it still need those to boot.


  • macOS Big Sur Beta 1 (20A4299v) (OpenCore 0.6.0) :-
    • OpenCore-11.0-Beta-20A4299v.zip
    • USB installer still cannot be booted using clover or opencore. Big Sur need to be cloned from existing real mac disk image.
    • So far everything works except for sleep.
    • Downloaded the real mac disk image and followed installation guide from here: https://www.olarila.com/topic/8977-guide-installrestore-bigsur-with-opencore/. 
    • Initial bootpack for OpenCore obtained from here: https://www.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comments/fuf6z7/open_core_056_catalina_10154_gaz87mxd3h_i74770/. Updated network card kext from my clover bootpack and updated OpenCore to version 0.6.0.


       (Note: These bootpacks can also be used to boot macOS Catalina)


Clover Bootpack


The Clover bootpack can be downloaded from the following link:-


  • Mac OS Monterey 12.1 (Clover v5142)



  • Mac OS Monterey 12 Beta 10 (Clover v5140)
    • CLOVER-11.6.zip
    • Working for Beta 10 with preferred Mac Mini Late 2014 smbios


  • Mac OS Monterey 12 Beta (21A5248p) (Clover v5135)
    • CLOVER-11.3.1.zip
    • Working for Beta 1 to Beta 7 with Mac Mini Late 2014 smbios 
    • Working for Beta 8 but need to change smbios to iMac Late 2015
    • Not Working for Beta 9 at the moment. Getting boot loop.


  • Mac OS Big Sur 11.6 (Clover v5140)


  • Mac OS Big Sur 11.3.1 (Clover v5135)
    • CLOVER-11.3.1.zip
    • So far everything should work

    • Updated all kexts to latest version.


  • Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7 (Clover v5126)
    • CLOVER-10.5.7.zip
    • Updated Clover and kexts to latest versions.

    • Clover is already using the Quirks features which are normally required for Intel 4th Haswell desktops.

    • Clover bootpack is able to boot Mac OS Big Sur 11.0.1 after it has been installed. Still not able to boot installer. 


  • Mac OS Catalina 10.15.4 (Clover v5116) :-
    • CLOVER10.15.4.zip
    • Updated Clover, Lilu.kext, VirtualSMC.kexts & Whatevergreen.kext to latest versions.


  • Mac OS Catalina 10.15.1 (Clover v5070) :-
    • CLOVER-10.15.1.zip
    • Whatevergreen.kext updated to 1.3.4 to resolve blank screen after boot.


  • Mac OS Catalina 10.15 (Clover v5070) :-


  • Mac OS Mojave 10.14.4 (Clover v4910) :-


  • Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 / Mac OS High Sierra 10.13 (Clover v4241) :-
  • CLOVER.zip
  • So far, everything works including sleep with power nap! So far this motherboard is very compatible with Mac OS and patched DSDT / SSDT is not required.


Credits goes to Jake Lo, Bronx Teck & Herve 


Notes on Integrated HD4600 GPU
Although the integrated HD4600 GPU can be enabled by simply injecting intel from clover, the GPU cannot be utilized since my motherboard does not have a HDMI output! Using dedicated GPU such as RX 560 while the integrated HD4600 GPU is enabled may cause video playback in chrome to be jibrish and iTunes video playback to freeze the desktop. The integrated GPU need to be disabled from bios to resolve this.


Let me know if the clover bootpack works for you.




Edited by Syonagar
Updated OpenCore for Mac OS Ventura 13.0
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