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Precision M6500 with 10.13 and Clover Issues


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So the idea was to try figure out how to use Clover with an NVidia laptop. Something I have never been able to do before.


I had challenges with creating a 10.13 USB stick before when I fixed my Latitude E5440. However I kept at it and finally got one created that worked with Clover. I decided good to try with my Precision M6500 which had 10.12 and few issues with devices, sleep, etc. I was very excited when my 10.13 Clover USB booted my Precision M6500.


I proceeded to install 10.13 on my Precision M6500. I made sure it didn't switch me to APFS. I was worried unnecesarily since I don't have SSD in this laptop. In any case I got 10.13 installed. I was so excited. I installed Clover latest version (v4233 by the way which is also what i used for my USB). I used boot0s not bootaf. This is because I have a dual boot on the SAME disk. This is how I had Enoch working earlier with 10.12 and Windows dual boot.


So I restart expecting to see a nice Clover menu with Macintosh HD, Recovery HD, Windows. What do I get? I get COMMAND LINE interface for Enoch. Huh?


I put my USB back. I see something I hadn't noticed before. The menu does not include Windows. So my 10.13 Clover USB not able to see my Windows Partition. HOWEVER, I install Clover on my HD, and but instead of replacing Enoch, it gets rid of the Graphics Menu of Enoch and gives me its command line interface.


So I have 10.13 installed with the help of Clover USB, AND I have installed Clover on the HD, BUT somehow, Enoch is still there ?!?!?!?!?!  I can use my laptop and can patch my kext to get Wifi working but the whole point was to use Clover and do this correctly including getting my USB3 and Webcam and Sleep working propertly. Instead what I got is 10.13 and lost Enoch graphics at boot.


I am now officially bald. Someone please help me.


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Okay so I made some progress. I think...


The /boot was not getting overwritten when I installed Clover.  I would have thought it would.

I renamed /boot to /boot.enoch. I copied boot from my EFI partition root to /

Now I am booting into Clover.


Problem is previously with Enoch I could see menu for booting Windows. With Clover I didn't. So I enabled Legacy Scan in my Plist. Now I see 2 Windows icons. This made sense at first. On 1 HD I have a Mac Parition and a Windows Partition. OS is installed on both and is how I was dual booting with Enoch. The 2nd HD I use for data and is Windows formatted. So I expected one of these 2 Windows icons let me boot into Windows. Unforuntately I get a wierd picture displaying and it just sits there.


Need to get dual boot working with Clover so I can proceed to fix remaining OSX issues. Really appreciate any pointers. I'm searching for answers but not getting anywhere.

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Dual Boot Working Now.

Turned off Legacy Scan. The problem was "Custom". Made it "Auto"

Once again I see two windows icons like before. However, unlike before the 1st of them boots into windows!


I think I can go back to Custom / remove extra entry / rename properly etc etc later.

Need to to now go and fix remaining problems with 10.13.


Right now BT works but Wifi doesn't. I know I had patched kext before. Now I want to try Clover patch.

Right USB ports also work. Left USB3 ports dont work. Will once again try Clover patch

I already know WebCam works and prevents Sleep. Need to figure this out.


Let's see how far I can get before attaching my files.

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