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  1. Finally was able to recover my password. Hopefully my issue solved for good. Was reason not able to get back earlier. So I kept trying to patch Mojave install but was not succeeding. Finally did what I think I shouldn't have had to do. Downloaded the Mojave install from the dos dude app itself. Then patched, or maybe the problem was 10.14 vs the recent 10.14.1 update. Anyways, to cut a long story short, I downloaded Mojave Install from the dos dude app, then patched it with MacBookPro 6,2. This is for my M6500. Then created USB stick. Then downloaded and installed latest version of Clover. Then copied dsdt, config and kexts on the USB stick. Obvious things... So had problem with unresponsive keyboard for selecting drive to install from (maybe Clover issue) but kept trying. Finally was able to finally get keyboard to work, and did an inplace upgrade. Remembered to patch HD install with dos dude. Now M6500 now running 10.14.1 with same issues as before I was never able to fix - no sleep, and left hand side USB ports not working. The former is problem, the later I can live with. Then I proceeded to install the latest clover onto the HD as well. As it turns out dsdt/config/kexts did not get trashed. And also did not get trashed from LE. So there are really no files to post. Anyone wanting M6500 files can take from posts when I did Sierra/High Sierra. All in all, in retrospect, this was really quite painless - I just wasted time patching Mojave Install downloaded from AppStore, will not make that mistake again. I will now try with M6400 which will need patching with MacBookPro 7,1
  2. @joeleboucher Whatever Jake Lo says is always pure gold. Please follow his instructions. PS - I've been having a perpetual problem with my osxlatitude account where I am not able to login, ask for password reset, provide new password, but then after session expires NOT able to login again. This has been going on for past few months and I don't know what to do. As soon as I'm able to get to my other laptop, will post the zip files. EDIT - my efi efi.zip
  3. Thanks! I'm going to study and try on both laptops! Will start with M6500 first. If I get anywhere will report back here.
  4. Got it! Dunno why I didn't need to do below change on my E6330. Sound works great!
  5. So I have a M6400 and a M6500 running High Sierra 10.13.6. I can imagine M6400 it might be nigh impossible to get Mojave installed - it is Core2 Duo. On the other hand my M6500 has a i7 CPU and was wondering if it was possible to "fool" MacOS into installing by using SMBIOS for a more recent Apple with i7. On both the M6400 and the M6500 I cannot download Mojave to AppStore. It gives a message it's not possible to install on the machine. I tried to force the issue by copying the Install from another laptop, but when I did on the M6400 and selected Macintosh HD, it said not possible. Imagine it will do same on the M6500, except I'm hoping there's a way to hack my way through it. Has anyone tried installing Mojave on M6500?
  6. Sound problem with E6330 solved through below post Bluetooth issue specific to my machine also solved by patching correctly. Had to re-disable hibernation and now sleep work too! E6330 with Mojave now working perfectly !
  7. Okay so let's look at E5440 here... I actually have Lilu.kext in kexts/Other AND I have AppleHDA_ALC292.kext in /L/E. This is how I sound was working with 10.13.3 I can remove ALC292 from /L/E and find AppleALC.kext to put in kexts/Other and give it a shot. Will report back here. EDIT: So I got the latest AppleALC and Lilu and put them in kexts/Other. II removed AppleHDA_ALC292 on my E5440 /L/E and repaired permissions. And I disabled AppleHDA patches in config.plist. Did not work. PS - I tried the same thing on E6330 except of course I removed AppleHDA_IDT.kext from /L/E and it DID work! Within AppleALC.kext info.plist I see an entry for Dell Latitude E6430 with Layout Id of 12. Thinking that's why it worked in E6330. If I'm right, need some help creating entry for E5440. Finally, also need to know if I need CodecCommander.kext on the E5440 (I don't use on E6330 which is the other difference)
  8. So I have an E5440 with dual boot. I had never been able to upgrade it from 10.13.3 to 10.13.6 from AppStore. It used to create the "helper" install app but after I selected it in Install Menu used to bomb. Needless to say I was very surprised when I was able to upgrade to Mojave using the AppStore. However, I'm having the same/similar issues that I am with my E6330. I'm guessing I need new kexts for my sound/bluetooth. At least for sound if someone can give me the appropriate ALC kext. THEN I can see if I can apply it. It doesn't seem like my kexts are being read from /S/L/E or /L/E, but would help to have correct kexts first to eliminate that problem. Thanks much.
  9. So I have 10.14 working on my E6330. Before I seek advice on my outstanding issues I will explain exactly how I upgraded in case it matters I first upgraded my version of Clover and booted to a black screen. I thought I messed up Clover upgrade. Mentally readied myself for scratch install for 10.14 and proceeded to create USB stick. After I booted using USB stick I saw Clover menu item for my HD. With nothing to lose I selected HD and booted into 10.13.6 !!! Since I now had my laptop back decided, let me see if I can fix Clover on my HD. Google search informed me later/latest version of Clover trashes OsxAptioFixDrv from the UEFI folder under CLOVER directory. Simply copied that file from my EFI backup folder, unplugged my USB and restarted. I had 10.13.6 back. Then I proceeded upgrade Mojave through AppStore. 1-hour later I booted into 10.14 !!! Immediately saw the expected issues related to kext since I hadn't repaired permissions. Backlight/Sound etc kexts in /L/E and my bluetooth patch in /S/L/E needed to be repaired. I looked into /L/E and to my surprise, the 3 kexts from the bootpack were still there! However IOBluetoothFamily.kext in /S/L/E was of course replaced by Mojave, so I proceeded to patch it again. I repaired my kext cache (and have actually done this 3 times). Every time from the Terminal I don't get any errors and it completes with message asking me to reboot. I also see the kexts being applied in the Terminal. However it would seem /L/E and /S/L/E kexts are not being applied. I don't have sound and I don't have bluetooth. I don't think there is any step I missed, so appreciate any suggestions from those who did upgrade from AppStore like me on their latitudes. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi Bronxtech, I do have it in kexts/Other. Perhaps just need new version of kext. Will figure it out by next weekend. Hi karwan, I was able to fix Bluetooth by fixing the info.plist of Broadcom kext within IOBluetoothFamily. Not sure what Bluetooth you have. Please try that and if does not work I will try help on weekend, or maybe someone else can. This trick does not always work for me, but it did work for E6330. One issue is after every upgrade you have to re-patch. I tried DSDT trick and Herve was really patient with me, but I could never figure it out.
  11. Okay Jake... So I know what you are saying about rebooting a couple/few times until things work for the upgrade. I've updated mine like 8 times. It is not working. Now So I want t to try upgrading Clover. I took backup of my EFI, and downloaded latest package. As I was just about to install, something hit me. You said position of Fix_Headers changed. This means new Clover will use different format for config.plist. So how do I convert old config.plist to new config.plist? Hoping there's easy way. If I mess it up might be left with unbootable laptop.
  12. @Jake LoI don't think I have virtual drive. I mean in output from diskutil list I don't see any word "virtual". I'm assuming it will show up that way. Please let me know I'm looking for something different. Now I'm not using the most recent Clover. If you are saying I need to use new Clover else I cannot upgrade I can certainly try.
  13. @EXEPOWEREDSo I know APFS without dual boot fine. That's how I have my E6330 with SSD and it upgraded. My E5540 also has SSD but with HFS and dual boot @Jake Lo
  14. Appreciate it. So my other laptop E6330 did upgrade from 10.13.4 to 10.13.5 without issue. I have some other kext issues but I can fix those. Now, I checked my config.plist already has FixHeaders_20000000 checked for my E5440. Trying 10.13.2 but no dice. Maybe I need to start over? How do I get rid of the extra menu item and any associated files? Frankly since I first tried 10.13.5 from AppStore and then 10.13.2 manually, I don't even know what upgrade is being attempted. PS - One thing I forgot to mention. At the back of my mind I think this might be my issue. My laptop is dual boot with Windows. Maybe this precludes in place upgrades (I hope not!). Or maybe I have to do something for NOT using APFS? Because I recall doing something when I installed first time since I wanted to dual boot windows and APFS will not work for that option
  15. So I upgraded my E6330 from 10.13.4 to 10.13.5. As expected I lost my Bluetooth but I know how to patch it and expect it to work. However, my problem is I lost functionality of my trackpad/mouse. I see in my kexts there is VoodooPS2ControllerR6.kext. I'm hoping this kext needs an update and it'll fix it. IF so, where can I get it?
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