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  1. I have acquired a Precision M6500 and would be interested in the configuration files too.. Could you share your EFI folder?
  2. Oh.. I see that I was 1 off and now it is working. Unfortunately, now it just freezes after awhile.
  3. Which ones? the ones that I added or the ones that were already there?
  4. Removed the FakePCIID files and removed the Fake ID 0x0431114E4. Anyone see anything else that might be causing a problem?
  5. Default’s_MacBook_Pro.ioreg
  6. That was what the system report had listed before I setup my wireless USB. debug_26147.zip
  7. I have a Dell E5250 and purchased a DW1820A (21 version) and am trying to get it working in Mojave. I have followed Herve's guide, but then the card goes from being recognized and not working to not being recognized at all. I am using Jakes 5250 boot pack and everything else on the system seems to be working except the wireless card which will work under Linux, but not Mojave. Based the instructions provided, I found that my card is located at 1c,3 rather than 2 so I setup the configuration, but rather than helping to get the card working, it is instead no longer recognized by the system. I have double checked to make sure that everything was configured properly and I don't see any problems. The card is functional and not turned off in the bios, but it currently is not recognized with the modified config file. The only thing I haven't done is to update the kexts to anything beyond what is provided in the boot pack and what installed by the system or clover.
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