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[SOLVED] E7450 + Sierra 10.12.6 - "missing" key from keyboard


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Dear All,

Thank you for a great guide, everything went almost well with a Sierra install on my E7450 (i5 5300, HD 5500, 8 Gb Ram, 256 Gb MSATA). One issue though, and it is a strange one.

I have an EU keyboard, with a "short" left shift and a key to it's right - the "\" key on a UK keyboard.

It doesn't even show up on the keyboard layout app, and pressing the button has no effect when monitored in Karabiner.

Everything else works fine, every other key, trackpad, tracepoint, multi finger scroll etc.

If I use VoodooPS2Controller.kext I get the key back BUT no trackpad, tracepoint etc.

With ApplePS2Controller.kext (the one in the updated bootpack) then I have the missing key.

I'm a bit clueless as to where to look for a resolution.

Thank you!

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