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Bios Recovery-Please don't tell me i've bricked


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Greetings Folks... any help would be much appreciated. Loaded A17 Custom bios onto my D630 Nvidia... When booting Lion from USB, the custom progress bar stops 3/4 way thru it's process, and does not proceed. Trying any which way to re-flash to original A17, but cannot move. I've researched-----> http://forum.osxlati...l__bios__st__20 , however I do not have a floppy disk, and the smallest USB Key is 240megs. Looks like I've gotten myself in quite a pickle... hopefully not a bricked unit. Thanks so much with fingers crossed! ssprod

Problem Solved... Created a Bios Boot CD with the help of this link, thought it might be useful for some users---->http://www.bay-wolf.com/bootcd-bios.htm

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