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E7470 with Skylake CPU getting KP


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thank you jake lo, unfotunately i do have an intel card.. what a shame dell using intel instead of their own dell cards. i will give it a try with the clover guide later.


jblparisi, why dont you just download both zip files already attached in the posts above?


I managed to get it working using latest Mac Sierra Boot Pack + the patched ACPI and Config.plist files above. 


Also, Ethernet + Wifi would not work simultaneously, that is till I installed latest lilu kext and RehabMan-IntelMausiEthernet-v2-2017-0914.zip


Resolution is also pretty harsh as default 1080p (fonts are way the heck too small) so I created a scaled resolution for 1366x768 to simulate Retina Density. Ideally I would prefer scaled 1600x900 but I think HD520 won't support 3200x1800. :(


EDIT: Found a sweet spot at 1472 x 828 HiDP in all its glory! :)


I can package all the files or supply them individually if anyone needs them. This is all running on latest 1.18.5,1.18.5 06 Feb 2018 Bios.



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