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D630+Crestline video


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Well, I have been trying to get my D630/Intel video to boot up to normal mode (not safe mode).

EDP associates (I think) D630/Intel with X3100.

How do I replace the X3100 kext with the one for GM965 (i think this one is associated with D620/Intel) ?

I tried the D620/Intel on my D630 and nothing worked (not surprised..).

I am able to boot into safe mode but I cannot get ethernet to work reliably, sound does not work and

i am sure power management is all screwed up.

Again, I am in safe mode and I would like to replace the X3100 video kext with the GM965 kext,

I need a detailed set of instructions as I am not a native to Apple's OS X.

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sorry, i meant GMA950

isn't that great - i post and then i reply... :)

anyway, i think the video driver may not be my problem.

I tried all 3 related drivers to the same end result - blank screen

that happens too quick for me to figure out where I die...

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