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  1. Bronxteck, what's the diff between EDP 2.2 and 2.3?
  2. if yours is anything like mine, it will not boot unless you do a -x. i had to disable Intel Wifi in BIOS to be able to boot. i ended actually buying and installing a broadcom wifi. there's a wifi kext out there (link by Mariusz) for the wifi to actually work. good luck.
  3. many people (including myself) have had problems with Intel's integrated WiFi. I had to replace mine with Broadcom's (see my signature). To get Wifi to work you need to use IO80211.kext from Marsiuz (hope I spelled it correctly). This causes other install problems, possibly your eathernet problem... Try to disable Wifi in your bios for the install process...
  4. 'long road' - you have no idea as for learning - i have, and it is invaluable. BTW, having left it for so long, I forgot that I actually have 10.7.3. I downloaded/installed xcode and I am ready to get cranking on apps development i hope that will go just a wee bit easier... again, thank you and the rest of the osxlatitude gang for much needed help. if any of you guys happen to drop by the SF bay area, give me a buzz maybe we get together for coffee or something... cheers!!
  5. well, i guess some good news are in order. i now have a fully functional D630 with both Lion and Win7. For the longest time I was fighting with a native keyboard that would not work. video stuck on 1024x768 and power management not working. I also left it without Chameleon loaded onto the main partition since last time I tried installing it, something went wrong with the Win7 partition and it would not boot. So, I let it sit there for a few days trying to decide what to do next. This morning I decided to once again start from scratch - create a new pen, use latest of everything and see what I get - but, I told myself - one last time, i would install Chameleon on the main partition and play around with the various flags - nothing to lose, right? backed up my plists and dsdt.aml, took a deep breath and - installed Chameleon. I looked for the setup flags, could not find Chameleon application anywhere, noticed that the install put a different dsdt.aml in /Extra and proceeded to reboot. Walla - everything works, keyboard, 1440x900 video (with all other options available too), power management, wifi, audio eathernet, trackpad and even my Windows install is still bootable. Guess what I did next? I created an image file and stored it away that sucker is not going anywhere anymore. finally - phewwww please don't ask me how I go here because i do not remember. If anyone is interested, I can post my dsdt.aml, however, this is a file that was updated somehow by installing Chameleon and it seems to work wonders...and it is different in size than the hi-res dsdt.aml that was circulating around here recently... i don't think i have updated to 10.7.3 yet but I don't think i need to... i guess now i can go on and download the xcode development environment and try to get really dangerous with iphone app development which was the reason i started doing this from the get go. thanks all the nice people on this board who provided much needed help.
  6. what i am trying to tell you is that i have the SAME PROBLEMS as you do. Since we both have A17, and I saw posted success stories about A09, i thought maybe the troubles we're having (keyboard, video res...) has to do with the BIOS...
  7. ok, so now you're having the exact same problem(s) that I do. I asked Simeonoff how his boot pack any different than the one from the 'supported model' in the wiki and he says they are one and the same. I have tried the hi res dsdt.aml that was offered on this thread a little while ago, but that did not help either. i am beginning to think that I should back off my bios version to A09 as Mariusz says that configuration worked for him. BTW, what is your bios version?
  8. i thought EDP 2.2 is for Lion only. I also thought that for Snow Leopard we are supposed to use EDP latest 1.9.x.
  9. Leon, It's already there both in the installed partition /Extra and in the /Extra that's on the USB pen.
  10. if you have Intel wifi, replace with broadcom 4312. to get through install (without wifi) turn wifi off in bios.
  11. oops, here's the file. bootKBerrors.txt
  12. trackpad works fine. i tried all 4 PS2 drivers in EDP - no cigar. I have been able to capture -v output that shows some issue with ApplePS2keyboard.kext - apparently it's looking for some dependencies it cannot find. please see attached file.
  13. i noticed in your signature that some osx bios mod is applied. can you please tell what problem that solved for you?
  14. i can't find simons anywhere. do you by any chance refer to simeonoff's ?
  15. Dear Syonagar, thank you so much. I should have asked this question when I just got started.
  16. Bronxteck, I just noticed that during the boot process there is a message about failure to load ApplePS2keyboard due to dependencies. Do you know what these dependencies are ? Or how do I go about finding that out? Also, is the -v output being stored in a log file somewhere? If not, is there a way to direct this output to a file ?
  17. i followed this procedure (Maldon) step by step for each word. I ended up with a USB without a mach_kernel (would not boot). Once I added mach_kernel from my own machine, the boot started but did not go far (I forget the step it hung up on). You guys are all much better hackers than I am, apparently The best I can do is use myHack with Simeonoff's goodies, but even this leaves me with no wifi, no ethernet and no use of native keyboard. At this point I can only assume that my laptop is somehow broke. The next best idea would be that ya'll take something for granted and do not mention it in your posts... I am waiting for a broadcom wifi card to see if this improves any. My configuration is listed down in my signature area and I would welcome any help.
  18. you need to post a new thread - this will enable the administrators to answer your question. I am only a user just like you, and my d630 does not work either. You have to do a lot of research to find out if your particular configuration is compatible - every little difference between your model/configuration to one that works could be a reason for this to not work for you. You have to do a lot of research and you have to start a new thread from the main page.
  19. o and as far as creating a pen without myHack, learned a lot from http://lifehacker.com/348653/install-os-x-on-your-hackintosh-pc-no-hacking-required
  20. your nearest apple store is where you can get a reliable answer on this one. google is the next best thing. i would rank at about 10,000 and my take is that Lion does not run on PowerPC, but this is really an unsupported impression I got...
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