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guys i got this kernel panic when i use system


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guys plz help me


i login to system with



The letter comes after I entered the system than an hour



panic (cpu 1 caller 0x66 ddd0):'----------------------------------------------much words-->
    kerne Extensions in backtrace

BSD Process name CorresDonding to carrent Thread:kernel-Task
Boot arag:bat-uuid=A873FFF3-6A3A-32CD-A3BE-6E6FF50D0670
rd=*1386 npci=0x2000 -v

Darwin kernel version 11.0.0:sat jun 18 12:57 :44DOT 2011
root :xn4-1699.22.73-1/RELEASE_1386
kerneluuip : F8596E5D-0966-3091-AA8D-6EncA68386F
system model name : MacPro3.1

systen uptime in nanoseconds: 1318798110423



plz help me plz help me to fix this kernel

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