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Sierra Wireless MC8781


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You are right:

Those two have receive equalizer with dual antenna diversity.

- MC8780: 850/2100 MHZ optimized for Europe and Asia Pacific

- MC8781: 850/1900 MHZ optimized for North America

And this card supports tri-band UMTS/HSPA so in MC8781 case I think it prioritize UMTS/HSPA usage - cause between GPRS and UMTS it expects EDGE and cause of US optimization in europe it doesn't detect any so it pushes it to higher frequency. That is why I have observed higher speeds on this modem or this is another placebo effect ;)

I'll soon get my hands on MC8775 so I'll have a comparison.

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My friend just bought Sierra Wireless MC8775 for his WinXP thinkpad. I had 30 minutes to check it against my E6400 Lion and I'm happy to report that it works! I had issues connecting by AirCard Watcher that I use for MC8781 but I guess this can be easily fixed by using other one (for 875U).


Here's the info from System Information > Hardware > USB


USB Bus:

 Host Controller Location:	Built-in USB
 Host Controller Driver:	AppleUSBUHCI
 PCI Device ID:	0x3a36 
 PCI Revision ID:	0x0003 
 PCI Vendor ID:	0x8086 
 Bus Number:	0x5d 

Mini Card:

 Product ID:	0x6812
 Vendor ID:	0x1199  (Sierra Wireless Inc.)
 Version:	0,02
 Speed:	Up to 12 Mb/sec
 Manufacturer:	Sierra Wireless, Incorporated
 Location ID:	0x5d200000 / 2
 Current Available (mA):	500
 Current Required (mA):	500

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Well, the one thing I know: it is NOT in USB mode. There is no USB storage or partition to be seen. At least in Finder, PathFinder and Disk Utility.



Is this out of your System Information or have you used any kind of a tool to extract this info?

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