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Dell M6800: no internal display nVidia K5100m

Mitchell Peixer

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I cant get video on internal display with dedicated nvidia gpu.


If I enable switchable graphics Intel igpu works fine, but this option is not "stickable", i dont now why...


I've tried JJDizz1L's folder but no luck


I'm currently using legacy and booting with uefi option manually added to efi folder.


Btw, my nvidia gpu is quadro k5100m 8gb and it's works nicely on external display


Edit, attaching my clover folder now




cant upload to forum, size incompatible :(


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I have the same problem

When I turn off Optimus in the BIOS the system starts up but the screen is black
I tried various configurations in SMBIOS (MacbookPro 10.1, MacBookPro 11.2, MacBookPro 13.1) but nothing, always the same.

I used Franckenstien EFI and started Mojave successfully but my nVIDIA K5100M didn't work.

I went back to High Sierra thinking it might be a problem in the OS but the nVIDIA K5100M doesn't work in High Sierra either


Please can anyone help



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