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  1. Thank You I've already orded one ; will feedback once I will get it installed via DSDT patch method
  2. I'd like to thank you for that amazing work How everything work so far with your modification with DW1820a ? Just I am wondering because i want purchase one right now ;
  3. This is depend on the application you use ; in most cases it will use Intel HD But if the application support Nvidia cuda will use Nvidia If you want application use 100% Nvidia so you should disable Bios Optimus Graphics option ; and install High sierra with web drivers
  4. Go to apple logo in screen corner then open about this mac then system report then grapghics/Displays What you see ?! Here you can have a look in your system report about anything you need
  5. Now you have both Intel HD and Nvidia working.. If you want only Nvidia so you should disable Optimus Graphics in Bios If you want disable Nvidia and Keep Intel HD only so instructions is provided in zip file Read please my last reply because I modified it
  6. No web drivers for Mojave till now ; I highly recommend to install macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G65) if you need Nvidia Cuda for 3D graphic design programs otherwise keep Mojave without web drivers; your laptop support native Nvidia . Hackintosh doesn't support Intel Wifi Cards at all ; You should search google about supported Cards ; my card is Dell DW 1506 and works very well; you can find used one in ebay for 3~5$ ; I suggest to open your laptop back cover and look for your wifi card details Hope this will help you
  7. You should install Nvidia web drivers which match your Mac Os version ... And not all wifi cards are compatible with hackintosh Make more search please ; write more information about your system 10.13.what ? What version exactly ? for example [ macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G65) ] What is your wifi card ? Sorry I can't help you if I know nothing about your hardware and your operating version
  8. Hello everyone Thank you very much for your wonderful and useful forum I want share with you after long search and fixes my final EFI Partition for Dell Precision WS M6800 & M4800 and will work 99 % on any similar Model All files , Kexts , ACPI , Guide are all included in zip file linked below This my final EFI with alots of fixes and tweaks works for both High Sierra and Mojave only you will need Nvidia web drivers and Cuda to get fully working machine for graphic designing , video editing and 3D ... - Fully working everything , audio , Bluetooth, Brightness slider , card reader , mSata , ethernet , Wifi and many more you will explore it yourself ...... - Bios Reset issue fixed - Optimus Graphic enabled - Use Intel HD only or Intel HD + Nvidia (if you want Nvidia only then disable Optimus in bios) - External Monitor use Nvidia - No black Screen when external monitor is connected - What is missing and doesn't work !!!! You will tell me - all fixes files and instructions are included Final EFI 30 Nov Fix .zip Thank you ; If you need any help or have any questions or issue please let me know in the Support section of the forum and I will reply as soon as possible Cheers
  9. How can to solve issue of Nvidia Optimus reset every reboot ? I've searched everywhere without result
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