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  1. still no success for me with this card.
  2. I had to make a fresh install again cuz the system was so slow.. So here is the screen. Thanks for your help
  3. I did it and no bluetooth icon, wifi can't be activated
  4. My hackintosh now crashed at startup or after login. I will make a new install. What kext do you recommend me to try first, to make DW1820A working ? thank you
  5. it's not simple as that. I tried a script from someone one tonycrap forum but it block my wifi to be detected...
  6. I got the card today and it doesn't work out of the box. I will try to install kext tomorrow.
  7. still not received ? I think I will get mine soon
  8. ok thx I will do it and keep u posted if I still have issue. EDIT : How do you block the kext injection ? I tried to delete lilu but then the boot takes more time and I have only 7mb of video memory.
  9. Hello, I got a kernel panic today. I was on the Mojave desktop and plugged my iPhone with lightning cable. Then the system was frozen. I force shut down and when I start it again I got this kernel panic. No issue after the 2nd boot. Any idea where it came from ? thx
  10. hello Hervé, did you receive it ? I have ordered it also. (for 9,55€ on aliexpress)
  11. Well I manage to get my French keyboard working as I want. For anyone who want a smooth scroll I found a very nice freeware called "MOS" : https://github.com/Caldis/Mos/blob/master/README.enUS.md For the keyboard backlight we can only toggle it on when AC is plugged. My e7450 works like a charm now... until I found an issue . Thank you for your work bro !
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