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  1. RamiTrainFan

    Inspiron 7559 4k Sierra

    So i had an issue with HS where it got stuck at Start InitDeviceTree. So i'm going to install Sierra instead. Keeping Windows 10 on the 128 GB SSD, And installing Sierra on the 1TB HDD. (Windows for gaming, macOS for regular use.) Does anyone have an EFI folder for this computer? I also saw my Community Reputation was -2... Anyways. Specs in Photo.
  2. RamiTrainFan

    macOS on Inspiron i7559

    Intel Core i5-6300HQ GTX 960M Intel HD 530 8 GB DDR3L (Planning to upgrade to 16 GB)
  3. RamiTrainFan

    macOS on Inspiron i7559

    And you should know that other computers may need other steps. Not every computer will have the same steps.
  4. RamiTrainFan

    macOS on Inspiron i7559

    So i just ordered an Inspiron i7559. And will it run macOS? And do i have to disable anything?
  5. RamiTrainFan

    Could this run macOS?

    It's an AMD.
  6. RamiTrainFan

    Could this run macOS?

    So i'm looking at a Dell Latitude E6440 with a Radeon HD 8690M and a Core i5-4310M It has 4 GB of ram but i'm planning to upgrade it. So can it run macOS? And what's the latest it can run? Photo attached below for more info.
  7. RamiTrainFan

    Microphone acting very loud

    Running macOS High Sierra. Microphone is acting very loud. Not even turning down the mic volume fixes it. Speakers also seem like the volume is a bit low even though it's at full volume.
  8. RamiTrainFan

    e6430 Patches

    So i'm getting a e6430 soon. *The Nvidia model* And i guess the highest it can support is HS. But, I can't seem to find DSDT patches for it. Is there a link to one or something?
  9. RamiTrainFan

    High Sierra CLOVER folder and DSDT patch

    Update. I found the config. But i'm getting a e6430. And i looked for the 6430 patches and i can't seem to find the folder.
  10. RamiTrainFan

    High Sierra CLOVER folder and DSDT patch

    So i have Clean High Sierra installed. But i need a DSDT patch and a clover folder. Can i get a link for that?
  11. It's been a while. But i'm hopefully addressing my FINAL issue. Audio. Sometimes. The audio works, And sometimes, It doesn't. Using Mojave 10.14 Here's my CLOVER if ya need it to check. I have AppleALC. But not VoodooHDA. I'm not sure if that's causing the issue. CLOVER.zip
  12. RamiTrainFan

    Battery won't update again...

    I still haven't found my solution.
  13. RamiTrainFan

    Battery won't update again...

    I wish i didn't have to post again. Not if my battery percentage stopped working again! Here is my clover folder. Also it's doing inaccurate readings! Here are screenshots. CLOVER.zip
  14. So I have my TP-LINK TL-WN823N arriving tomorrow. And I need some instructions on how to install the driver. Can I get some help?
  15. RamiTrainFan

    [SOLVED] Battery won't update unless I turn percentage off and on.

    Original. No modification whatsoever.