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  1. Thanks Herve, Jake. I've got more progress updates to share, and some help needed - Solved screen brightness issues upon boot with WhateverGreen boot args: - igfxblr, and device property as follows: - Solved WIFI connectivity stability issues by shifting to itlwm and Heliport - Mapped USB ports, instead of USBInjectAll, and removed XHCIPortLimit patch in config - Solved Trackpad functionalities with older versions of VoodooI2C kext - [email protected] USB C/Display Port output work! Where I am stuck at: - VoodooI2C stuck at polling mode, wo
  2. Would also like to get inputs on bios settings, as I believe I may have been over aggressive in turning off most things if I didn’t think i need it. Let me know if some are safe to be turned back on: Advanced Boot Options - Enable UEFI Network Stack - OFF UEFI Boot Path Security - NEVER SATA Operations - AHCI SMART Reporting - OFF Thunderbolt Adapter Configuration - Enable thunderbolt pre boot modules - OFF TPM 2.0 Security - ENABLED - TPM ON - ON - Attestation Enable - ON - PPI Bypass for Clear Command - OFF - Clear - OFF - Key S
  3. Hi @Jake Lo and @Hervé I'm happy to report that I have made progress. Jake, after reviewing your config file, and noticing your mmio whitelist addition, I began troubleshooting my open core settings, and here's what seems to have worked for me. for Comet Lake, Dortania guide advises default setting as below. This configuration however did not work for me. While troubleshooting with dortania again, this section seemed most relevant: Stuck on [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START] where it clarifies the following: I can confirm tha
  4. Thanks for the help Jake. Unfortunately no dice, device still kernel panics. Here's the latest OC log, and recording of the panic here Could you let me know what you noticed about my config file? I'm wondering if there is a bios setting that might be causing it, but I have followed Herve's 7490 guide. Wondering what else I can try, may be trim down on the kexts and drivers to bare minimum and work from there... opencore-2021-06-15-010210.txt.zip
  5. Thanks for checking in @Hervé. I tried your suggestion as below: System unfortunately still kernel panics while trying to boot into installer. Here is a video I managed to record, since screen is small I didn't think you could see the error before it panics. You may need to download the video to see it in full resolution. Also reattaching the latest config.plist here config.plist.zip
  6. Thanks for the suggestion @Jake Lo. I tried, but it seems to still kernel panic. Here's what I added into the config. EFI and new OC logs attached. Thanks for your help EFI + OC Logs.zip
  7. I've decided to move from my pre-existing Latitude 7490 builds to a new workstation: Latitude 7310, aiming for OpenCore v0.7.0 on Catalina. Workstation specs on my signature below. And I basically can't even get the installer to boot successfully. There's actually not much on the internet for this machine, and I couldn't get the one posted on this forum to work. So I started back from scratch based on Dortania's guide. Hoping I can make some headway with the gurus here, as we have done so in the past. Attaching my EFI folder, and boot logs fro
  8. Hi @Eddar_Stark, do you have a latest EFI and progress on this model? Or a public repo somewhere i could follow more on? Thanks.
  9. Here's my EFI. Its not fully optimised as mentioned it has some smaller issues to iron out, but that's for another thread I suppose. Lets see if this helps with native-like trackpad first, and maybe a separate thread just 7490 running OpenCore to fix the rest of the issues we may have. PS: Here a list of things that do not work yet, which I have tested: Touchpad Buttons (No hope) Micro SD Card Reader (Disabled on purpose as it kernel panics on Wake) Sleep (Device sleeps fine, but upon wake system freezes) SideCar (only works on wired mode) Fn Speciali
  10. I managed to get VoodooI2C to work in interrupt mode in OC after these custom patches, took me a few days to figure them out. Hope it works for you as well: I didn't know theres a merry bunch of us running OC on 7490. Maybe we should start a thread to fix all our remaining issues together. I for example have sleep wake issues still remaining, but will leave that for a proper thread. Now for some motivation:
  11. Hi @Hervé, Looks like EC patching is already in place, as per your Catalina specific ACPI patches. Still have no idea what else to try to get this working. Here's my Clover folder as well, let me know if you can see something I cant. Or suggest how else I should troubleshoot. Thank you once again CLOVER.zip
  12. Whops I found the thread. I’ll check again. Maybe I’ll post by clover folder next. Seems like a Catalina specific issue.
  13. @Hervé apologies but which thread are you referring to on our home page? I have checked both the pinned post, don’t see anything related to this. Also I’m still on DW1820A, so its probably not that issue. Odd though, because I am able to boot clover and launch my Mojave’s installation fine, its just not able to boot Catalina installer. Freezes at some point with the no entry sign...
  14. I basically used your catalina boot pack as it is without changing anything. How can I check to confirm @Hervé?
  15. Hi, I'm also facing the same issue as above, but deleting DSDT.aml did not help. I'm stuck at boot with this on screen, before it freezes. Any guidance on what else to try? Its odd cause my Mojave installer boots up fine
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