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  1. Hi, did you use Heliport to connect to Wifi? That's required if you are using itlwm.kext
  2. Hi everyone, Hoping someone will have some time to help me out with the USB C hotplug issues on Big Sur, and trackpad running on polling instead of interrupt. I've also been wondering if my Power Management settings have been configured correctly, because battery life is far worse than what I get on windows. Is the attached intel power gadget indicative of anything? This graph is while system is idle, no applications running. Prior to this, I did follow dortania's guide on configuring Power Management, and custom SSDT generated for it. Thanks for the help
  3. Thanks Jake. Apologies, I misunderstood the purpose for TYPE-C and TPDX. I have restored both files, and have confirmed the following findings: 1) your observation is spot on again! hotplug on USB C is broken. When I retried the hub with a Type C to Type A usb cable, ethernet detection works as expected like in Catalina. Is there any way to fix this in Big Sur? When using USB A port after hot plug: When using USB C port after hot plug: 2) TPDX.aml seems to be breaking touchpad functionality (once I click on a window, it can't let go). During boot, system also generates alot of repeated text on screen. Once removed, the text does not show up in verbose anymore. Also, when checked, it was still running in polling mode, instead of interrupt. Not sure if this helps, but this is what I have from an old tool: Thanks again for your help. Really appreciate it very much
  4. Update: I am also now realising that jack fix does not work on Big Sur... Maybe codecCommander does not work on BigSur? Update 2: I am now beginning to suspect my ethernet issues are due to broken XHCI in Big Sur. When i boot with the dock plugged in, ethernet port is reported in system profiler. When I unplug and replug, the port no longer appears... Is there a known fix for this issue? i have already disabled xhciport limit quirk and mapped my usb ports in catalina
  5. Thanks Jake, Herve for the help. I went ahead and updated to Big Sur... and guess it wasn't a wise move. Ethernet is back to not working once again. Im not sure where to start. Jake: I removed the TYPE-C kext you provided previously, and added TPDX. Attaching latest IORegistry extract. Hope you can point me in the right direction. Thanks. Hackintel.zip
  6. Ah ic. Noted, I'll remove PNLF from the list of ACPI patches. Brightness seems to work fully (I can increase and decrease all steps from min to max) I realised that my dock is actually a USB C dock, instead of a thunderbolt dock, that's probably why system profiler reports that no Thunderbolt driver is found. Once I get a thunderbolt dock, I'll hook it up and report back. Now that most key issues have been resolved on this model. There is only 1 item left to fix, that is to find the right patches for VoodooI2C to work on interrupt mode instead of polling mode.
  7. Thanks for the help and verification, after some experimenting, and looking through the documentations for ITLWM kext, I realised that the kext was spoofing the wifi card as a LAN NIC, and hence kept masking the IP for lan connections. After turning wifi off, and unplugging and replugging the usb C doc, lan connectivity was restored, with full speeds. This workaround is acceptable for now. @Jake Lo I noted in your original OC0.7.1 config file, you excluded SSDT-PNLF-CFL, and included SSDT-BCKM instead. Are they both required? or should I just stick with BCKM only? Thanks!
  8. Hey Jake, - Trackpad fixed, you were spot on on VoodooI2C Input.kext being the cause - Added SSDT-TYPEC.aml in, attached IOREG profile - Ethernet USBC Hub, interestingly I found a few things, not sure what to make of it. It seems to be detected correctly... I checked its hardware on windows as well: Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate it. Hackintel.zip
  9. Wow... thanks for the fast response @Jake Lo. You never fail to amaze me... with you pack: - OC updated to 0.7.1 - Audio issues fixed - Brightness hotkeys fixed - SD Card reader upgraded with new and improved kext... now it shows up in System Profiler as well My previous attempt at this ended in kernel panic... - Touchpad stopped working - odd issue with this model (and my previous 7490 as well). Had to revert to older versions of the Voodoo kext to get some touchpad functionality working again I'm taking time to unpack more of your changes so I can learn what made the differences. In the mean time, any advice on what to do to enable LAN connectivity and Thunderbolt 3?
  10. Hi everyone, @Hervé @Jake Lo, thanks very much for the help so far. Been test driving my current build as my daily, and while touchpad and screenbrightness hotkeys still do not work well, I need some help to troubleshoot 3 new problems that I've discovered. 1) While attempting to fix audio jack issues, I tried the codec commander + audio jack fix (in usr/bin). My audio used to work through the speakers, but now it does not work at all anymore, no output devices are detected. 2) Running Intel Wifi, while convenient, is not ideal. As a workaround, I purchased a satechi USB C dock, which has an ethernet port. However, ethernet is not being detected correct, or is unable to be assigned an IP. The rest of the ports on the drive seem to work as expected (USB, SD Card reader). Its just the ethernet port that is not able to connect to internet. Note that the 7310 latitude does not have a built in ethernet port 3) I am wondering if thunderbolt ports are working on my device (while troubleshooting problem 2 above. In system profile, it seems to note that there are no thunderbolt drivers. I am aware of the need to connect thunderbolt devices pre-boot in order for it to work, and hotplugging does not work well in MacOS. With the above satechi thunderbolt dock, is there a driver/kext that I am missing in my setup? Attached latest EFI and IOReg extracts, hopeful that it helps with the troubleshooting As usual, appreciate all your guidance and wisdom. Hackintel.ioreg
  11. Thanks @Hervé I tried the fix, but it didn't work for me. I hope I did it correctly: In your //remarks, you noted that the LCD arguments are device specific, do I need to modify those values as well? If yes, what should they be? Thanks in advance for your help SSDT-BRT6.aml.zip
  12. Hi @Hervé SD Card, I tried Cholonam's latest kext. It works sporadically (only once in all my tries). I'm not sure why that is or is that a known bug Brightness Keys fix, I referenced your E7270 guide, and added the required ACPI patches and SSDT tables, but unfortunately no success for me. Brightness keys still only function with FN S and B, instead of F6 and F7. Wonder if you could take a look at my config attached and see if I made any mistakes. EFI.zip
  13. Hi rgomez, I second Jake's advice on not mixing OC files. With that said, you may want to take a look at my thread here. Specifically my Voodooi2C kext may work for your trackpad. Our latitude models are similar. Could you repost your latest graphics card device ID and platform ID as screenshot? something most likely is misconfigured there causing your 7mb issue. Hope this helps
  14. Hi @Hervé, thanks again for the suggestion. I tried the latest available version of SD Card Reader kext by Firewolf (v0.9.2), but system resulted in kernel panic. Attached logs captured from OpenCore boot process. For brightness keys, attached unmodified DSDT (Saved from SSDT TIME on windows), appreciate your help with the right SSDT + ACPI patches. Let me know if I need to extract any further information to progress. Thanks! opencore-2021-06-24-144422.txt.zip DSDT.aml.zip
  15. Thanks Herve, Jake. I've got more progress updates to share, and some help needed - Solved screen brightness issues upon boot with WhateverGreen boot args: - igfxblr, and device property as follows: - Solved WIFI connectivity stability issues by shifting to itlwm and Heliport - Mapped USB ports, instead of USBInjectAll, and removed XHCIPortLimit patch in config - Solved Trackpad functionalities with older versions of VoodooI2C kext - [email protected] USB C/Display Port output work! Where I am stuck at: - VoodooI2C stuck at polling mode, would like to patch to interrupt, but I am not sure how to fix this - Brightness hotkeys not working even with Dortania's recommended kext. on my model, its mapped to F6 and F7, instead of F11, F12 in my 7490 model (which brightness fix worked) - SD Card reader.. I see some chatter of a new Kext being developed. Sinetek drivers don't seem to work for this machine, and I am not surewhy - Intel Bluetooth kext seem to load successfully, can detect my bluetooth mouse, but can't connect to it Appreciate if anyone could point me in the right directions for the above. Thanks! PS: latest EFI folder attached in full here, and IORegExplorer attached as well Macbook Pro.ioreg
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