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  1. I thought this thread might've died out. Yes I misunderstand a lot of things in regards to this stuff and sorry to have caused some confusion to other members of this forum @Hervé
  2. Sadly adding the deviceID does not seem to have any effect. I thought it might be an issue with the UEFI configuration so I checked out Herves article: But that seems to not have changed anything either. I want to primarily focus on getting the GPU up and running, so that the system is usable. The rest I don't really care much about as of now. I have attached the current settings as an image. I didn't change anything else from my initial configuration except for adding bluetooth support (which works fine) Also I attached the bootup logs with the change of deviceID-setting set the way as you recommended so maybe that helps to figure out what's going on. Thanks a lot for helping me already to get this far opencore-2021-05-17-154617.txt.zip
  3. I added it to my signature, I hope that is sufficient information, if not, please let me know what other information you need I also changed the topic as I think the new one is a bit more descriptive
  4. I finally got some time to "attack" this. Thanks for helping me thus far (started from scratch with OC 0.6.9 I got Big Sur to install. There are a few things I can't get to run. 1. GPU shows: Intel UHD Graphics 620 7 MB (followed dortanias instructions but I must've misconfigured something) 2. Trackpad isn't working (tried this l2C thingy but I must've done something wrong) 3. Keyboard isn't working (didn't try to fix that yet, but if anybody has a hint where to start, would be great) I attached my entire EFI config so I hope someone can help me EFI.zip
  5. The following NVMe drive is installed: PC SN730 WDC 512GB So i guess that wouldnt be the issue
  6. I was already thinking of just removing all the stuff just to the bare minimum to make it bootable and go from there, what do you think? i would need to know what the absolute minimum is to get it to boot (if you have any instructions about that that would be great) and then add piece by piece to see where it fails. I just want to reduce possible point of failures to be able to make progress
  7. Thank you very much. I'll try it out right away. Edit: I tested it as you mentioned above step by step It then booted to the point where it wrote: SMCLightsensor Then the screen kinda got a grey colour (the writing itself) and restarted the computer. I attach the newly created log file again. opencore-2021-03-24-164533.txt.zip
  8. Hello, I am trying for hours to even get the installer to boot and I am stuck here. I even tried EFI folders from other people here in the forum with 7400s Sadly I cannot get it to run. I attached the EFI folder + logs and hopefully someone can help me to resolve that. EFI and Log.zip
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