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  1. Hi liemhatang, I just came across your post trying to tweak my sensors setup. HWMonitor works with VirtualSMC. You can download extra VirtualSMC packages here: https://github.com/acidanthera/VirtualSMC/releases The VirtualSMC package contains the following: VirtualSMC.kext SMCSuperIO.kext SMCProcessor.kext SMCLightSensor.kext SMCBatteryManager.kext Copy the kext's to Clove > kexts > Other and reboot. The problem that I'm having is that my SSD is showing 253% usage left and my battery level is constantly at 82% when fully chrged. I think that my problem is configuration as opposed to the app not working properly. I hope this helps. zog
  2. Why do you have two EFI folders on your boot stick? There should only be one EFI folder and then your subfolders should be: APPLE // Not always necessary to my understanding. ACIP CLOVER Clover is where you should place your kext's and config.plist. Try removing "2019-05-10-10h48" from your boot stick.
  3. What is the model of the second laptop?
  4. I found this: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/329390-amd-firepro-w5100-on-macpro-51-high-sierra/ Seems that the card will work with these mods, you will just have a blank boot screen until the system starts. I'm planning to change my FirePro W5100 with a Quadro M1200 because I need CUDA for what I'm working on.
  5. Hi rjjd, I have the same machine that I use for my desktop. Given how bad Windows has become with spying and the fact that the Linux desktop still isn't there graphically speaking, I've been looking at switching my desktop to OSX. I found this link that has some advice and kext's for the M4800: https://github.com/phen0menal/m4800-hackintosh Keep in mind that the Precision M4800 and the Precision M6800 are essentially the same machines, so you can use how to's for the M6800 to help you along also. https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/291117-how-to-make-radeon-desktop-or-mobility-be-working-by-using-clover/?page=5 (EDIT) If you do get everything working, please let me know what files you used.... this will save me a HUGE amount of time later!
  6. Yeah, I figured that for $10, it was worth the risk. Hopefully this information will help others.
  7. The next card up is the Lenovo 04X6020 with the Broadcom BCM94352Z chipset. The PCI ID on this card is the same as a DW1560 and it works really well, just follow Jake Lo's instructions found here: One problem that I had was the M.2/NGFF key on this card was different from my original card and I had to cut a slot for it to fit. Other than that, it works like a charm. I found this card on eBay for $10.00 USD, so thus far it's the least expensive card that I have found.
  8. The next card that I tried was a card that was listed as a Broadcom BCM94356Z. This card has a PCI ID of 14e4:43ec. This card is actually an AzureWave AW-CB210NF and it will not work under OS X. Fortunately for me, the seller is willing to accept a return, so I'm not losing any money on this one.
  9. OK, a couple of updates here. 1st is the Lenovo 00JT494/BCM4350. Although this card does work under OS X, based on my research, it doesn't work with the Latitude E7250/7450 laptops. I've tried everything that I can find, but the system slows down after about 5 min's and then becomes unusable. If your on something other than a Latitude E7x50, it should work for you, just follow Hervé's instruction on how to modify your Clover.
  10. BLEEP! I know that I missed the AirportBrcmFixup kext, but I don't know how I dropped in the wrong config.plist with the option "brcmfx-country=#a.". (In my rather weak defense, I'm fighting a lung infection right now and I'm juiced to the gills on antibiotics and some real nasty stuff called prednisone.) I pulled the AirportBrcmFixup kext and installed the proper config.plist. The WiFi is still dropping and I'm still getting system lockup's. I have tested my hardware under both Windows and Linux and everything seems solid under both OS's, so it has to be a configuration under OS X. {EDIT} I'm going through the debug logs and I noticed this in /debug/panic_logs/Kernel_2019-04-21-125438_zogs-MacBook-Pro.panic: Boot args: dart=0 debug=0x100 -v abm_firstpolldelay=16000 brcmfx-country=#a I KNOW that that argument has been removed from my config.plist and that it is not showing up on the boot screen under options, (please see attached pic). I have used both Clover configurator and a text editor to examine the config.plist and I can't find any entries for this, so I don't know how the "brcmfx-country=#a" keeps showing up, (perchance the problem isn't a PEBKAC?). I also noticed this in the same file: panic(cpu 1 caller 0xffffff80162cda42): "Spinlock acquisition timed out: lock=0xffffff8016ac26a8, lock owner thread=0xffffff8030fe3540, current_thread: 0xffffff8033e67a50, lock owner active on CPU 0x0, current owner: 0xffffff8030fe3540, time: 355411561712"@/BuildRoot/Library/Caches/com.apple.xbs/Sources/xnu/xnu-4903.201.2/osfmk/i386/locks_i386.c:467 I'll Google this later, going back to bed now. Here are my latest dumps debug_6016.zip zogs_MacBook_Pro_5.ioreg config.zip
  11. OK, so I very meticulously did a step by step of the install in the following manner: As before, the system initially boot fine and the WiFi works. However, as before, after about 5 minutes, the system starts having slow downs and the starts to lock up. The WiFi also drops out at the time. One small thing that I noticed is when I run the following post install commands, I get this "error" sudo pmset hibernatemode 0 sudo rm -f /var/vm/sleepimage sudo pmset hibernatefile /dev/null Usage: pmset <options>\ See pmset(1) for details: 'man pmset'} So I am wondering if my problem has something to do with hibernation mode, although when I pull the WiFi card, the freezes and lock ups go away. I have attached all if the files that I am using below, along with the latest output from IORegistryExplorer and a post install debug file. EFI_r4910.zip Exx50_Mojave.zip Jake Lo's config.plist.zip zog’s_MacBook_Pro_4.ioreg debug_32395.zip
  12. Hmm, I see what your talking about. I found this in between the "<key>Audio</key>" section and the "<key>PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1b,0x0)</k" section: Not sure what I did there, but I have been using updated the config.plist that Jake Lo posted. I think that I will do a clean install with the updated config.plist and see what happens.
  13. @Hervé I'm pretty sure that I used Jake Lo's, with the change from pci14e4,4353 to pci14e4,4331. Just to be safe, I recopied the contents of EFI_r4910.zip and Exx50_Mojave.zip, (replaced, not merged), and the attached config.plist, (Jake Lo's - unmodified). I then rebooted and had the same problem. I did another dump with IORegistryExplorer and I have attached it below. zog’s_MacBook_Pro_2.ioreg config.plist.zip
  14. OK, I'm looking through the "system_report_crash", I found this: I'm Googling the details now, but I am also posting the crash report. The log file "system_report_kernel_panic" also has a similar error: system_report_crash.zip system_report_KP.zip
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