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  1. @Jake Lo Thanks for the link. Unfortunately I just have a list of things to deal with, so I don't have the time to work on this right now, although I do plan to come back to it once I finish up all the other things that I have to do. For right now, I'm going to run Big Sur on my Hynix SC300 drive, it works, so... My problem now is that the touchpad isn't working. Not sure what the problem is, I had it working with Catalina but I get nothing with Big Sur. I tried using Hackintool to try to troubleshoot, but it didn't show any information on the touchpad. I then booted wi
  2. @Bronxteck I tried your suggestion, however, on boot, I get only two options, "Clear NVRAM" and "Reset NVRAM" with no other options. @Jake Lo I also tried adding the kernel patch as you suggested, but I had a KP on reboot. I'm attaching the config.plist that I am using, along with a screenshot of the KP. config.zip
  3. OK, so I had some time today to go back a fiddle with my E7270. The install not continuing didn't make sense, but then I remembered that some Western Digital NVMe drives have trouble with OS X. I swapped out my WD Black PCIe 512GB, (WD512G1X0C-00ENX0), with my 256GB Hynix SC300. The Hynix drive is SATA III and the installation went as normal. Is there anyway to get the WD drive to work with OSX? It worked fine with Catalina, so I am a bit confused as to why it won't work under Big Sur.
  4. @Jake Lo I managed to open my EFI partition using Linux, here's the command for anyone else that needs to do the same: sudo fdisk -l /// find your EFI partition sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt That's it. Go to you "/mnt" folder and grab your EFI. Copy the config.plist and then edit it with the online editor. After that, copy it back to the EFI folder with the following command: sudo mv /Desktop/config.plist /mnt/EFI/OC/ After that, I found an online OpenCore configurator here: https://galada.gitee.io/opencoreconfiguratoronline/ That I can
  5. Thanks @Jake Lo! I went into my config.plist and then under "Quirks" I set "ReleaseUsbOwnership" to YES and I was able to boot and start the install. However, after rebooting, the basic install goes back to the install screen, without continuing the install. I think that I need to edit the config.plist, however I need to wait until tomorrow and use a friends Mac to edit, because my other machine is in Europe right now! I'm attaching my EFI for Catalina, hopefully you will be able to do something with it. E7270 Clover EFI.zip Thanks! zog
  6. Hi everyone! So I'm trying to upgrade my Latitude E7270 to Big Sur and I keep running into problems. I'm using Jake Lo's boot pack for the Latitude E7270 found here: However, I keep getting kernel panics when I boot. I've kept the boot pack stock, with the exception that I changed the WiFi cards properties from: <string>pci14e4,43a0</string> to <string>pci14e4,43b1</string> to match my card But it's a no go. I also tried to disable VoodooPS2* as they were causing earlier KP's. The laptop is running fine under Catilina with OC
  7. Hi @Jake Lo, yeah, I was thinking that it might be hardware also. My daughter and her mother got into an argument and the laptop got tossed across the room. I rebuilt it, (they actually cracked the subframe, which I have never seen on a Latitude!), but it looks like I missed something. I put a wedge under the LCD connector bracket to give a better connection, but it looks like the people who loaded the baggage into the airplane might have tossed the bag with the laptop in it a little to hard.
  8. Hi everyone! My daughter had to fly to Europe for a family emergency and she took my Latitude E7250 running Big Sur. She's telling me that "the screen is glitching every 10 seconds. It's fine then it goes white". It was working fine before she left, so I'm not sure what's wrong and since I don't have it with me, I'm hoping that someone else might have some thoughts on what might be the problem. I'm including my config.plist and my kext folder. Thanks! zog EFI.7z
  9. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. The DW1820A in my E7270 is working perfectly. Since this is for my daughter and she doesn't want to fiddle with it, going with something more solid is the better choice here. Although I will keep messing with it until the new WiFi chip comes.
  10. Salut @Hervé! I tried your suggestion, but I couldn't get it to work. However, going back to the AirportItlwm.kext does give me a connection now, including password fields. Ho2wever, it's not stable and the connection keeps dropping. To manually load the kext, I used the following commands: sudo cp -R itlwm.kext /tmp sudo chown -R root:wheel /tmp/itlwm.kext sudo kextload /tmp/itlwm.kext I'm going to keep at it, I'll figure it out eventually and I'll post up what the problem was. Thanks! zog
  11. Hi everyone! So I'm fiddling with an Intel WiFi 6 AX200 on my Latitude E7250 an I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. It "seems" to be working... I can see my WiFi connection, but the password field doesn't popup when I click on it, so I can't connect. I've tried using the HeliPort app, but it gives me an error Itlwm is not running and when I open the app, it doesn't see any networks, (side note, I'm pretty sure that I'm doing something wrong here). I am using the "AirportItlwm_v1.2.0_stable_BigSur.kext" and not the stock ltlwm.kext. I will try the stock ltlwm.kext after I post
  12. Hi everyone! So I'm trying to clean up and tweak my OpenCore install on my Latitude E7270. Everything is working nice, with the exception of my boot. For some reason, I can't get OpenCore to boot directly into OSX, I keep getting the picker. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I've been Googling the problem for a couple of days and I can't figure out the PEBCAK. I'm attaching a copy of my config.plist. Thanks! zog config.plist.zip
  13. Thanks for the information and link Hervé. I assumed that I had a bad configuration somewhere, I just couldn't find it.
  14. Hi everyone! So I just reinstalled Catalina on my E7270, (I had to use the SSD drive for a different system), and I'm having a strange problem with my WiFi. I'm using a genuine Apple Airport card, BCM943224PCIEBT2. When I boot from a USB, using Jake Lo's clover for Catalina, the WiFi starts with no problem. However, when I boot from the hard drive, the WiFi is greyed out our keeps trying to connect, but never does. I've tried fiddling with my kext's in Clover, removing the following: AirportBrcmFixup.kext BrcmPatchRAM2.kext BrcmBluetoothInjector.ke
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