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EFI partition is read only with Clover_r5157.pkg

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Hi everyone! 


I've been off the forum for a while, and things have changed! OpenCore doesn't seem to be the preferred bootloader any more and of course, I'm having a problem with Clover. I created a boot disk for Sonoma following the instructions found here:




(Merci Hervé!)


However, when I run the recommended Clover_r5157.pkg, for some reason, the EFI partition is read only:


Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong. I did try with Clover configurator, but I had the same results.




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Doesn't seem to be a standard disk or USB disk but some form of virtual setup. This matter is unrelated to the boot loader but your platform arrangement. A VM it would seem?

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Hey, salut Hervé!


Yes, I'm using VMWare to create the installer, but it seems to be creating the USB properly. I'll go back and try again, although I might just use the terminal to do a chmod on the EFI partition.

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