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  1. Hi all i installed catalina on m6800 with Nvidia K5100M 8GB using files from @Franckenstien. I had disabled switchable graphics in bio. The issue is i cannot boot to the setup screen where i can create account and the like. It always end in a black screen. Also i turned the switchable graphics on in bios but cannote get to the same page. Would appreciate if someone can help in the regard. Thanks all. Finally able to get this done. Decided to use the Nvidia K5100M 8 GB graphics by disabling Optimus in bios. Thanks for looking in. CLOVER.zip
  2. Yes please the USB. What I discovered is that using the USBport.kext without editing the SMBIOS, the usb work but the camera does not. If I edited the kext to match my SMBIOS, the USB does not work, but the camera does. I really need the USB to work in order to free up my USB3 for other use. Thanks
  3. Hi I have a Precision M6800 with Intel i7-4940mx, 16GB memory, Nvidia K5100m 8GB etc. When I used @Franckenstien folder, my eSATA port does not work (my usb wireless mouse is connected there). I have tried creating USBport kext but always having issues. Does your eSATA port work? By the way I also used the above USB kext modified for my SMBios 11.3, the eSATA still does not work. Please help. Thanks
  4. Hi Choller, have you been able to install mac on your system yet? Have exact same system and would really love to have osx mavericks on the system. Thanks
  5. Will also appreciate if i could get the file and installation instructions. Thanks
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