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How to install (any version) mac on Latitude D520?

Teh Anant

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First off, let me say that I'm a total newb and haven't even seen a (Real) mac before xD.

I have 2.5 gig of ram

1.66 ghz intel core duo

pre-installed Windows 7

112 gb hard disk


Please, forgive me if this is the wrong section and/or anything else i did/said is wrong. As I said, I'm a total newb.


I can take out 15 gig of disk space from c drive and 10 gb of space from the d drive. so that makes 25gb. Is that enough?


I want to keep my original windows 7 and my files, is that possible?


I have seen that you need a usb keyboard and mouse. but I don't have a usb keyboard :( any way to get past this?


Is it possible to install it from a 4gb usb? if not how many gigs do I need?


TYVM in advance.

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I think 25g is more than enough. You can install os x snow leopard in the new partition and leave Windows 7 untouched. The chameleon boot loader will allow you to dual boot both os x and windows. The wiki creates a gpt disk but maintaining your current mbr is good enough. You don't need a usb keyboard to install and boot os x snow leopard. Although the built in trackpad will be very slow (from my experience) upon first boot but good enough to just allow the edp 1.9.2 to be installed. If you intend to create a usb installer, you'll need at an 8g usb. By the way, as your D520 is core duo, you can only install os x snow leopard. OS X lion can only be installed to a core 2 duo system.



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